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Why I Like Mechanical Engineering

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I have been intrigued with mechanical engineering since I was young. I would marvel at the ways that different isolated parts of mechanical devices worked together to achieve unified mechanical functions. This sense of intrigue and wonder has not disappeared as I have grown; in fact, my curiosity has only intensified with becoming an adult. I have applied myself in my academic environment, often the youngest peer in my group, and I have not only succeeded in participation, but I have excelled as the highest ranked peer in many of my classes. The accomplishment of being able to perform amongst my well-educated peers has given me the confidence to pursue other goals that I have in mechanical engineering.

I have conceived of the idea that there ought to be a method to preserve or create energy within any working engine, while reducing friction. Possibly, with a minimal amount of energy input, to avoid entropy, an engine could reduce thermal output. I am not naïve enough to believe that I am the only person who has dreamt of this; however, I do think that I could be the one to engineer a solution to the perennial problem of energy conservation and production. The notion of an electro-magnetic bearing occurred to me when I thought of dissecting the parts of an engine and trying not to overlook any working parts. The bearings that I conceive are similar to the maglev trains that exist in Japan: two circular parts, an inner part, and an outer part. In between, electromagnets could create a magnetic field that would result in electrodynamic suspension- therefore, the inner part will continuously try to come into contact with either side of the magnet, but will be suspended. This could create contact-free movement, and that would reduce friction and thermal output. The efficiency of mechanical function would be enhanced if friction is removed.

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I know that Cornell would foster for me an inspirational academic environment that is constantly challenging. Instead of feeling defeated by academic challenges, I prefer to rise and conquer them. For example, this past summer, I attended a four-week internship on the world’s largest shipyard in Marugame, Japan. We completed hydrodynamic and aerodynamic tests on wooden 3D models, and learned to use CAD software. I had no prior experience and was surrounded by more knowledgeable university students. However, I approached these unfavorable circumstances as an incentive to study harder than my peers. We were given a project that entailed creating a 3D model of the ship with all the correct proportions. I am proud to report that although I was the youngest intern by three years, I outperformed my peers and scored the highest marks on this project. When this internship came to an end, I returned to Greece knowing that mechanical engineering was my purpose in life. The feelings of success that this internship gave me are proof that I am pursuing a career that will forever interest me.

I know that Cornell would provide for me the right foundation for pursuing my goals in mechanical engineering. I would avail myself to the many programs that are unique to Cornell, such as the Cornell Engineering January Fabrication. I would make the most of the opportunities that Cornell presents because I believe that the College of Engineering’s curriculum strongly supports my academic interests. I aspire to be a mechanical engineer who changes the world and contributes to humanity. I am interested in the idea that Cornell fosters a diverse student body. I would be able to develop my interpersonal skills with my like-minded peers. Working side-by-side with Cornell’s faculty would be a motivation for me to perform to the highest of academic standards.