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Why I Want To Be An Architect

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Growing up, I would watch my mother work in her office for the company she runs. She works in Interior Architecture, and since those days, it has been a growing passion of mine. She exposed me to a world of art and design, and her work greatly impacted my life. I aspire to one day be as great as my mother, and I know your program can get me to that point. They say if you work with something you love, then you never work a day in your life. I truly believe this statement holds truth, as working in the Interior Architecture field would be a dream, and my passion would become my career.

As my mother saw my interest grow, she exposed me to Frank Lloyd Wright, the greatest American architect of all time. Countless tours have exposed me to his great work. His creative buildings create such beauty, such inspiration, that I am in awe with every glance. I aspire to someday be even partially as influential as Frank Lloyd Wright has become in this Architecture industry.

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Since my passion for Interior Architecture began when I was younger, I took full advantage and participated in every school art event possible. Participating in all of these events helped nurture my skills, and I believe I have reached a certain level of excellency that can only be further perfected with the help of your program. One year, I decided to host an art event of my own. The event hosted many art students from my area, and I held an auction to sell of their wonderful works of art. All of the proceeds went to help an orphanage, and this is truly one of my proudest moments. Bringing together my passion for Interior Architecture as well as the wonderful feeling of helping others, truly only grew the love I have for art.

I believe that art can bring happiness to everyone. Interior Architecture creatively integrates structures and design with human interaction. With every project completed, I will bring art into someone’s life, and expand their own love and knowledge of art. No matter if I work with homes, libraries, or museums, I hope to expose others to the great art that is Interior Architecture. I also acknowledge that I can learn from others as well. The individuals that I work with, the historic figures that I look up to, even the professors that will bring me knowledge, will all expose me to their beliefs of Architecture as well. I believe the passion I hold for Interior Architecture and the knowledge others will bring me, will truly perfect my passion and I can succeed in anything I truly want.

I know your program will bring me the greatest success I could ever hope for. I believe it is with this program that I will achieve the dreams that I aspire , and that I have been working towards all of these years. Through my dedication, hard work, my love for art and design, and sheer will power, I truly believe I am a strong candidate for your program.