Winco Food Store

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Winco Foods is one of the best enterprises to work for due to the various benefits and chances of growth coupled with opportunities and challenges. The company has a flexible schedule suitable for new entrants in the workforce and there is always an opportunity for new employees due to high turnover rate. Notably, the majority of workers at Winco Foods work for a short time as the company accepts interns who are willing to work and get experience in the labor market. I learned that the management at Winco Foods is accommodating and employees are free to interact with their supervisors and discuss their issues without being intimidated. A typical day at work entails preparing deli in the kitchen, serving customers, and providing feedback whenever a client regarding the company’s products consults one. One gets to learn the basics of serving customers appropriately and ways to avoid panicking. While it might not be easy dealing with individuals with different personalities, working at Winco Foods teaches one how to handle such cases and the importance of teamwork.

Particularly, the Pocatello branch is a fast-paced working environment, Although there are flexible schedules and when one’s time to leave comes he/she is free to leave, the hours that one is at work are hectic, which leads to many employees leaving the company. Workers are always on the move while at work and there is no time to rest for the eight working hours. Nevertheless, one can gain a great deal if he/she is willing to sacrifice a few hours to be trained in other positions on top of the primary position. The training is tough but worth the effort because benefits are more than hardships encountered while being trained. Like any other business, customers are the most important people to Winco Foods, and at times employees are ignored in favor of the customer. For instance, while working there, a customer visited the store and made her order, which she later said it was not correct when she was being served. The customer then became impatient and told the employee he was unprofessional and irrational because the worker told her to wait as the order was being corrected. When the management was called upon to calm the situation, the supervisor took the customer’s side without listening to the worker. As such, the incident frustrated the employee, and he decided to leave the company and seek employment in other organizations. The management later called us for a meeting and informed workers that the customer is always right no matter the situation. While I might not agree with the management on that issue, I believe it was to protect the image of the company in the external environment.

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Employees at Winco Foods in Pocatello are friendly, and most of them will go out of their way to ensure one has learned the basics required to work in various departments. Working with co-workers is enjoyable because they encourage one not to give up when work becomes stressful. However, due to the high turnover rate, at times it is difficult to adjust to an environment that has new people. Although the majority of the workers are friendly creating a suitable working environment, some of them have a nasty attitude, and the management does little to change the situation. Particularly, employees who have worked in the company for more than five years are rarely punished when they demean junior workers. The company has a culture of rewarding hard work, and the benefits are excellent. However, I noticed that while it is possible to be promoted within a short time, it is equally possible to be demoted for the slightest mistake.

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