Windows PowerShell

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Windows PowerShell is a programming language that uses object-oriented interactive prompt and supports scripts. It was developed by Microsoft for exclusive use on the Windows platform but later made open-source for use in other platforms as PowerShell Core. It was made for system administrators to help them in automating tasks and configuring systems. These administrative tasks are performed by cmdlets that access data from registries and databases (Wiliński, Fray & Pejaś, 2015). Scripts are combinations of these cmdlets and are control languages in the computer system and mainframes.

A PowerShell script is the text file that contains sets of instructions and PowerShell commands to be executed. PowerShell provides the administrator with an integrated scripting environment screen where they can write the scripts and also run the commands manually (Wiliński, Fray, & Pejaś, 2015). An IT department can really benefit from the use of Windows PowerShell to perform administrative tasks such as deleting unwanted content from Exchange mailboxes of users.

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In the above script, the parameters of exchange are added to the PowerShell window where two cmdlets windows are integrated together. Among the cmdlets is the Get-mailbox whereby the PowerShell is informed of the targeted avalanche of mailboxes in the stream. The cmdlet is given the liberty to present unlimited sizes of results. The remaining cmdlet finds the contents of a string provided in the cdmlet parameter which in this case was “Please review the attached invoice” (Wiliński, Fray & Pejaś, 2015). The –DeleteContent eliminates the message prescribed in the string and the results are displayed on the console window. To get the impact of the cdmlet’s intended deletion across the system, a –Whatif flag can be added and then these commands are executed and this really simplifies the work of the IT administrator.

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