Samples Discrimination Workplace Inequality, Discrimination, and Prejudice

Workplace Inequality, Discrimination, and Prejudice

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Section 2
There have been no research reports on the “impact of discrimination, inequality, and prejudice on individual development and productivity”.

The factor of “prejudice” should be added in the research study since it defines an area that is not covered by discrimination and inequality, especially cases of nepotism and favouritism.

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Among the research questions, the following should be added;
Is discrimination conducted more by managers or employees?
Who are impacted more by discrimination in the workforce? Are they those in managerial position or those in subordinate positions?

Section 3
Workplace inequality, discrimination and prejudice were selected for research due to their urgent need to be addressed in the dynamics of the current business environment. The basis on which employees face discrimination has been specified in various studies…(Smit, 2005, pp.22-29).

The growing amounts of migrant workers seeking better employment opportunities have engendered anxiety and hostility in the host societies, resulting in augmented discriminatory practices in the workplaces. Together with more traditional forms of discrimination some of which are based on caste, ethnicity, and gender, other bases of discrimination have emerged, particularly in respect to HIV/AIDS, social isolation, verbal harassment and violence (Smit, 2005, pp.22-29).

Evidence has shown that organizations with a positive and healthy atmosphere perform well, have higher productivity and greater chances of flourishing in the increasingly competitive market (Stoermer, 2017, pp.1-20). The struggle against inequality and discrimination had been voiced by blacks and many other non-racial unions throughout the 20th century (Williams,1999, pp.173-188).

As such, effort should be made to study how Workplace inequality, discrimination and prejudice impact the individual development and productivity and, in turn, affect an organization’s output.

Section 4
Other aims of study that can be added are;
To establish whether discrimination is majorly instigated by the management or the employees.
To ascertain if individuals who benefit from prejudice against others (nepotism and favouritism) are productive in the work place.

Section 5
Both managerial staff and employees will form part of the study sample. It is also best to include hospitality sector since it has a lot of employees and it can improve the research study’s results.