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Workplace Motivation And Its Factors

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In my opinion, there are a lot of factors which determine whether or not employees are motivated in the workplace or not. Furthermore, I believe that having a good work-life balance is essential to help promote motivation in the workplace. If workers are expected to work for all of their lives and stay peeled to their desk, they will easily burn out. However, if workers are given meaningful breaks and off days where they can work from home, they may feel more motivated because this offers them a change of pace and an ability to control their own schedule.

This theory is especially true with young people, who now are the biggest demographic in the workforce today. In fact, many studies point to the idea that younger people, or the millennial generation, seems less concerned about income and more concerned with their work-life balance. I think that this basically is telling us that employers need to be able to give their workers meaning along with good work benefits to increase workplace motivation which leads to higher productivity. Many corporations and employers are already trying to implement ideas that attempt to do this. The study that I analyzed looked at self-determination theory, which is basically a theory which says that when people have more motivation their attitudes towards work becomes more positive.

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The study was part of a larger study that looked at workplace conditions, and it relied on the TAW motivations I order to assess motivations of workers and how their motivation work scale correlated to their productivity and engagement. In the end, the study found that an increase in autonomous motivation correlates positively with worker engagement and this helps increase productivity through the decrease of burnouts and tiredness. In my opinion, the results of this study aren’t surprising, as it makes sense that people work harder when they are motivated to do so.

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