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World Studies IB Extended Essay About Lingery

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Introduce the topic by explaining the context of the current problem. Mention why it is important to carry out this study, and explain what the essay will cover.

1. What is Lingerie?
The word lingerie came from the French word linge, which refers to linen (Cox 1). In the past, underwear was a formal form of wear. However, lingerie began to be viewed as erotic and sexy. More focus should be given towards the explanation of how underwear was made in the past across European and American cultures.

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2. History of the Lingerie Industry
This part should explain why women wear lingerie. Women’s lingerie have over the years served as a representation of their individual sensuality and suggestion. Women have worn lingerie as a form of boosting their self-esteem.

Examples should be given of what types of inner wear were worn by women in the 18th and early 19th centuries. For example, drawstrings and the whalebone (Saggese 1). These products caused women to suffer organ deformation, crushed ribs and even miscarriages.

Due to the numerous discrimination campaigns against women’s sexuality, Mary Phelps Jacobs’ introduced the bra in 1910. The slip was also introduced as a celebration of the female body. The 1930s and 1940s saw the introduction of separate bras and bloomers.

In the 1950s, American pin-up girls became common. They often wore bustiers and corselets that advertised their ‘curves’. Sexual liberation continued in the 70s and 80s. Further progress was made during the No-Bra movement where women openly burned their bras and underwear in protest. Afterwards, in the late 70s, sleeker lingerie was introduced with trim nightgowns and loose fabrics.

In the 1980s, one-piece lingerie was reintroduced by celebrities such as Cher. Nevertheless, thongs and g-strings also began to surface. Within the next decade, women began wearing little clothing. Big companies such as Calvin Klein began the manufacture and advertisement of products that portrayed women as almost nude. Essentially, this decade brought about feelings of liberation and the need to set new standards.

3. Importance of Lingerie to Women
Lingerie makes women feel sexy (Apparel 1). Explain how products such as thongs, stockings, and bras are used by women and their importance in boosting their confidence both inside and outside their homes.

Lingerie makes women feel feminine. In this paragraph, explain how women feel special when people see them in their favorite lingerie. Feminism, as opposed to masculinity, is associated with beauty and the constant need for attention.

Lingerie also supports women’s bodies. Examples should be given regarding the importance of push-up bras and sports bras and their importance. Garter belts and panties also serve as important forms of support to women.

It should also be explained how lingerie help in growing marriages and relationships. They act as ways of reducing monotony. Examples should be given such as baby dolls, teddies, and garter belts.

4. Effects of Unrealistic Beauty Standards
Western beauty ideals have spread across the world due to globalization. Eating disorders have become common. For example, 30% of women under 20 in japan are underweight (Zeilinger 1).

Because most models today are advertised in their underwear, the use of social media has led to increases in the number of plastic surgeries being done. For example, in Lebanon where women invest thousands of dollars in order to look sexy.

Lingerie portrayed in mainstream media has negatively affected women’s psychology. For example, Victoria’s Secret models make most women feel ugly and not worthy (Granja-Sierra 1). Most of the products advertised are not affordable to the average woman.

Despite the negative publicity associated with lingerie, these products also make women feel special and sexy (Granja-Sierra 1). Women are able to express themselves. Depending on moods, lingerie becomes important for women as they are able to make their feelings known.

Briefly explain what lingerie is and why it is important. Also, briefly mention both the negative and positive effects of lingerie in the modern society. In conclusion, recommend what should be done in order to ensure that the negative effects associated with lingerie are minimized.

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