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Deborah (TN): Finally I have found a truly real and legit writing service. Gosh, I’ve been scammed so many times and can’t even recall the number of disputes I handled with my credit card company. I am so happy I have at last found mycustomessay website and its brilliant writers. Keep it up guys! (Rated: 5 of 5)

Cynthia (WV): I love my essay. It flows and you really know what you are talking about. I will let you know what mark it gets once my tutor checks it. Thanks! (Rated: 4 of 5)

Anna (MT): How do I tip my writer? All three papers received top marks from my professor. I could never score more than a B writing the papers myself. God bless you. (Rated: 5 of 5)

Andrew (OK): Jack, the work you submitted is awesome. I could have never done it without you. (Rated: 5 of 5)

Juan (Mexico): Dear staff, I would appreciate you assigning this very same writer for all of my orders as I am more than satisfied with the results. Thank you and please inform my writer about this message. (Rated: 5 of 5)

Jonathan (CA): I was hesitant to place an order with this website at first as there are so many other firms offering their writing services on the web. Anyways, something has forced me into entrusting my thesis to the hands of these guys and now that I have received my work, I am more than pleased. Await more orders coming your way! (Rated: 5 of 5)

Roger (WI): I hereby state that Mycustomessay.com is a legit firm hiring the best writers out there. I have personally placed 5 different orders (2 were mine, others were meant to be done for my friends) and specifically asked for a different writer for each paper. All were done on time (several were actually delivered way before the agreed deadline) and were written by native American writers – something that is extremely rare in this industry. I know this because I have tied many but many other companies that claimed to get me A’s but eventually sent me rubbish. I will definitely recommend this website to all of my peers. KEEP IT UP!!! (Not Rated)

Brenda (UT): I have received my paper and all I can say is WOW. It follows the format and reads on a single breath. Thank you very much. Do you also do presentations? (Rated: 5 of 5)

Martha (LA): Great work. Thank you. (Not Rated)

Roy (WA): Maureen you are the best writer I have ever done business with. These manuals are golden! I have to prepare at least 3 speeches this week so beware! (Rated: 4.5 of 5)

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