From day one, more than a decade ago, we made it our mission to help students like you with their academic endeavors.

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The experts with us have all the skills you need to succeed with your projects.

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Native Speakers

Blessed with professionalism, experts from as far as the U.S., UK, and Canada can’t wait to start work on your various papers.

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Degreed Experts

There are no stray writers on our team - only certified experts with degrees in your field will get to tackle your projects.


Niche Expertise

With 500+ experts across all disciplines, your projects are in safe hands - pick the writer best suited for your assignment and relax.

About the Vetting Process
Hire the Best in Writing

Here’s how we select the top-tier academic talent for you.


Step 1

Background Check

Our recruiters start with studying all the candidates’ resumes thoroughly. It is important because this way, we can sift our hopefuls down to a shorter list of those who have degrees, and the right credentials to get your job done right.

Only 37% of candidates pass this step.

Step 2

Online Exam

English is a tough language to master, what with its intricate grammar and extensive vocabulary. Even native speakers may have trouble with some rules. While we seek native speakers who don’t, we’ll pick those with the highest competence.

Only 21% of candidates pass this step.

Step 3

Job Interview

A candidate may hold the highest degree in your field and may be more than eager to start working on your projects, and yet, we won’t let an expert in until we know everything about their personality, soft skills, and work ethic.

Only 17% of candidates pass this step.

Step 4

Trial Assignments

At this stage, we ask candidates to write a series of papers of varying complexity, and we put a time limit. This way, we can gain an understanding of how apt our hopefuls are for your writing challenges, including papers with shorter deadlines.

Only 9% of candidates pass this step.

Step 5

Performance Review

Once a candidate joins our team and begins writing your projects on a regular basis, we keep a close watch over their daily performance to make sure their output meets every high standard, set by your educational institution.

Only 2% of candidates pass this step.
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The experts on our team are trained, and carefully vetted to bring you the best in assignment writing.

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Meet the team behind MyCustomEssay.

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50+ Customer Support Agents

With clients and experts in every time zone, we have made sure all your queries, big and small, are answered fast and effectively. Our caring and knowledgeable Customer Support team is therefore on constant alert around the clock.

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Strong team of IT specs

Armed with years of hands-on experience in cybersecurity, our IT professionals work around the clock to make sure you are completely safe interacting with the website and all its features 24/7, while all the servers operate smoothly and securely.

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10+ Recruiters & Editors

It’s our recruiters’ job to evaluate our writers’ daily performance. The recruiting staff is also here to ensure that only the best of experts will join our ranks; they do their job exceptionally well, hunting for, and hiring the top academic talent no one else can.

Christopher S.
Head of Quality Control

Love what I do here at MyCustomEssay. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to do my job half as well if it wasn’t for my brilliant staff, so intelligent and supportive! I can’t thank them enough for being such a top group of professionals whose work ethic matches mine. It’s an amazing company to work for! I am blessed!

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