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Just because you are eligible for a scholarship doesn't mean you'll win it. Increase your chance of approval with an outstanding essay to support your application.

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Matching Criteria

Each scholarship provider has its own set of requirements that applicants must meet to be considered for an award. We will research these criteria to show that you are the best match.

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Your Personality & Passion

Describing your character and achievements is crucial in any scholarship essay. However, it's your passion, goals, and enthusiasm that can catch their attention and sway the committee's decision.

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Words That Convince

Being a true leader, a future scientist, or an aspiring sports star doesn't matter if you're not persuasive enough. We know the right words to set you apart from competitors.

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We have spent years looking for some of the best online writers and editors across the web. Get a specialist on your side.

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Education costs keep rising, so winning a grant to save some funds is always a smart move. Our writers know how to make it happen.

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We've put together some of the most common questions related to scholarship essays and writing services in general.

Can I buy a scholarship essay on your website?

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What's included in your scholarship essay help?

My paper is due soon, how much time do you need to write my scholarship essay?

What if I don't like the paper? Do you have a refund policy?

Can I communicate with a scholarship essay writer before making a payment?

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While around $50 billion is spent on scholarships each year, only 7% of college students will receive them. Everyone wants to be on this list, how about you?

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We Believe in Numbers

Here are some of our latest key performance indicators that you may find informative.

Incoming Requests

Experience is the best teacher. Over the last 13 years, our company has received over 1400 inquiries for writing scholarship essays.

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Not everyone is born to write. Some candidates fail English test, while others lack natural aptitude. We search for talent to provide the best service.

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We diligently follow instructions and implement internal quality checks to ensure that every paper we deliver meets your approval.

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Main Reasons To Buy Scholarship Essays Using Our Company

On-Time Delivery Guarantee

Experienced Scholarship Essay Writing Service

Accessing a reliable scholarship essay writing service is not always easy and finding the right one can make the difference in turning your educational dreams into a tangible reality. Be it a statement of purpose, an application letter, or a request for financial assistance, scholarship essays always pose a challenge to many because of their strict rules concerning grammar, logic and structure.

You may have an excellent academic background and skills but it takes a lot more to put into words all the right things you need to include in your scholarship essay.

It is for this reason that we started our scholarship essay writing services more than a decade ago. We specifically designed it to not only help you get financial aid from top education institutions but also guarantee that your scholarship essays will stand out from the rest.

The Process of Hiring a Scholarship Essay Writer on the Website

To ensure that we only work with the best scholarship essay writers, we boast one of the most rigorous hiring processes in the college scholarship essay writing industry. To help us bring on board only the top talents from the many who say they can write an essay for a scholarship, we have a team of seasoned recruiters who have over the years developed an eye to fish for the best talents in scholarship essay writing. They go to all lengths and no area is untouchable to them as they work to ensure only the best can work with us as scholarship essay writers.

To ensure only the cream of scholarship essay writers work for us, below is a step-by-step process of our hiring process.

  1. Background check. Our recruiters go through the resumes of all applicants in great detail to check and ensure everything checks out okay. This includes the authenticity of their credentials and whether their previous experience matches our high demands. A majority of the applicants don’t go past this stage.
  2. Online exam. The handful that make it through the background check process are then given an online exam to test their mastery of English. Although we work with highly learned native-English speakers, we include this stage to ensure only those whose command of English is exceptional make it into the fold as our scholarship essay writers.
  3. Job interview. Those who pass the online exam are then invited for a job interview with our recruiters. The recruiters use the job interview to gauge whether the candidates have what it takes to work for us offering scholarship essay help. Some of the things they look for include personality, soft skills essential for the job, and work ethic. Those who meet our threshold then go to the final stage.
  4. Trial assignments. During this stage, the candidates are offered timed assignments with varying degrees of complexity. This helps our recruiters know whether they are up to the task of the job ahead and whether they can work under tight deadlines. It's only after pleasing our recruiters at this stage that one can start working with us as a college scholarship essay writer.

It is however important to note that even after we hire a writer for scholarship essay writing, we always keep an eye on all the projects our scholarship essay writers are working on to ensure they meet the standards we require of them.

Our team of Experts

Our professional scholarship essay writers have PHDs and master’s degrees. Others are former A-students who won grants and want to help others through their personal experience. We also have in our team writers who have sat on admission committees before and have first-hand knowledge of what admission committees look for in an essay.

All we need are just your instructions, with some highlights of crucial moments in your life that you will feel will add weight to the scholarship essay. Armed with these, our experts will get down to work and produce that perfect scholarship essay that will guarantee you financial aid at whatever top institution you want to join.

What’s Included in the Scholarship Essay Writing Service That You Offer?

Admission committees receive lots of scholarship essays daily and yours has to stand out to make a mark on their minds. It is for this reason that as a leading company offering scholarship essay help we don’t just do the bare minimum. We will go the extra mile to ensure your scholarship essay will be exemplary and stand out from the heap. We use time-tested approaches to state persuasively and in the simplest terms possible why you are the perfect fit to receive funding.

We start to write scholarship essay from scratch, highlighting not only your academic achievements but also challenges you may have encountered before and how you solved them, your interests, and also achievements over the years. This is while keeping in mind all the dos and don’ts so that your scholarship essay does not look like a bragging piece. You can also give your recommendations during the writing stage to allow us to include everything you want to appear in the final draft.

Once the writing part is done, your scholarship essay will be sent to our quality assurance team where it will be subjected to two plagiarism checks. One on what’s on the internet and another on what is on our database. After passing these two checks, it will then be counterchecked to confirm all your instructions have been factored in. It's only after these that the final draft will be sent to you.

After receiving the final draft, you have up to 10 days within which you can request any revisions. These revisions are free of charge except when you want something new that was not in your previous instructions.

We offer a 60-day quality guarantee on our work and a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied in the end. We can however look you in the eyes and say none of our clients has ever requested a refund over the years we have been operational. Our quality is always above board.

How Do I Get Scholarship Essay Help From Your Website?

Our website has intentionally been made user-friendly and is also very easy to navigate. The website also comes with a responsive design and can be used on any mobile device. All we need are just your instructions and in no time we will be working on your project regardless of the type of scholarship essay you want.

College Scholarship Essay

To get us to work on your essay to get scholarship, go to the scholarship essay section and make an order. While at it give us as much information as possible making all the details you want included clear. Your professional scholarship essay writer will begin the job immediately and come up with a great scholarship essay for you.

Personal Essay For Scholarship

Once we receive your order, we will match you up with the best scholarship essay writer from our large pool of experts that we feel will be best suited for the type of personal scholarship essay you want.

We allow you to be part of the writing process and you can still give out information or instructions you might have left out earlier. After everything is done the personal scholarship essay will then be sent to our quality assurance team and it's only after this that it will be sent to you.

Will Anybody Know I Used Your Help to Write an Essay for a scholarship?

We maintain confidentiality during and even after the process of getting scholarship essay writing help from us. Our privacy policy is strict and we guarantee all our clients that nobody will ever know you sought help from us.

Why Should I Buy Scholarship Essay from Your Website?

Over the years we have accrued lots of experience and know how an essay for scholarship should look like. Due to us thousands of students have received financial aid from top educational institutions.

Apart from our more than ten years of experience in the industry, below are a few more factors why you should purchase scholarship essay online from our website.

  • Confidentiality. We have a very strict privacy policy and all your information will be kept secret and can’t be accessed by any third parties. This includes any sensitive information you give us to include in your scholarship essay.
  • Unique content. All our content is written from scratch and will always be unique. We also subject all finished works through two plagiarism checks to guarantee you 100% uniqueness.
  • A large pool of experts. We have a large team of experts allowing us to tackle any type of scholarship essay you may want. This gives us an edge over the rest in the industry.
  • 24/7 customer support. Our customer support works around the clock to ensure we can offer you help at any time regardless of your time zone.

We Keep Deadlines

We understand how tight deadlines can sometimes be and we always work to ensure that we deliver all our projects on time. Don’t lose sleep because of the few hours remaining before the deadline. Contact us and let us lose sleep for you. We only need your instructions and you will be all set.

Some scholarship essays may however require some time to write. In these cases, we recommend that you make your order early enough to give our experts time to come up with the perfect scholarship essay for you. This is keeping in mind the time you may need for revisions.

Three Core Principles We Adhere To

While they might seem boring, these fundamentals shape our service.

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Original Content

We do not tolerate plagiarism or the use of AI, as both constitute forms of copying information. Each paper is written by a human and contains only original thoughts.

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Privacy & Data Protection

When you place an order on the website and provide sensitive personal data, we minimize the number of people who handle it and never share it with third parties, even your writer.

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24/7 Customer Support

If you have an urgent inquiry or questions that can't wait until morning, our support team is always here to assist you. We are available round-the-clock for your convenience.

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