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State your task, and go about your business. Your expert will go from there, and deliver.

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Watch Your Paper Unfold

Here is how it works for you.


Say what needs to be done and set the deadline.

Are you a college freshman or a sophomore? Have you been tasked with a project for a course in creative writing, or do you need help with an IB extended essay? When is your paper due? Make sure your expert gets to know all the key details of your project.


Explain your task in as many words as you can.

Share the specifications of your paper. They include the page count, line spacing (single or double), the formatting style (APA, AMA, Chicago, or Harvard), and number of sources. Can’t think of a good title for your work? Your expert will fill in all the gaps.


Participate in the writing process if you want to.

While your expert is busy composing your paper, you can either lay back or contribute. The extent of your involvement in the writing is dictated by you, and only you. Your teacher left some feedback? Let your expert know, and they’ll make it part of your paper.


Receive the final document before the deadline.

What you’ll get is an entirely original piece of writing, done in line with your instructions, filled with your own ideas and/or your teacher’s feedback, and double-checked for plagiarism, No need to worry about grammar or punctuation either: reviewed by an eagle-eyed editor, your paper will be completely on the mark. If you feel something is missing from your project, you have a whole ten days to request - and have your expert implement - free revisions, as many you want.

Watch Your Pro Work Hard

Here is what we do to get you a top-grade paper.


Choosing the Expert

  • Once you have set your task, we will match you up with the expert best suited to handle your assignment.
  • The most suitable writer will be picked and appointed, based on your project type, its complexity, and deadline, as well as the expert’s skills and degree.
  • We can also appoint someone you’ve already had on your previous assignments.
  • The expert working on your paper will have a degree and skills relevant to your goal and area of study.

Laying the Foundations

  • Your writer will research and review the sources crucial to your subject matter.
  • Information from a variety of sources, such as printed books, eBooks, online articles, websites, etc., will also be examined.
  • In-depth research based on your topic will be overseen and conducted by your expert.
  • Research involves a critical analysis of existing data.
  • Subject-specific questionnaires and surveys will be designed and conducted, if necessary.

Drafting Your Paper

  • Your expert will come up with a perfect draft of your paper, including the body, conclusion, bibliography, etc.
  • The structure of your project will be laid out according to the goal of your project.
  • Ideas for your project’s content will be brainstormed and documented by your writer.
  • Charts and graphs will also be added to the draft at this stage (if necessary).

Formatting Your Project

  • Your expert will make sure your paper is properly formatted, and its style is consistent.
  • Our writers are good with any formatting style: APA, MLA, Harvard, Bluebook, Chicago, Turabian, you name it.
  • Your paper will be formatted in compliance with the most recent guidelines of the formatting style in question.
  • Particular focus will be placed on in-text and end-text referencing.

Reviewing the Outcome

  • The writer in charge of your paper completes the work before the deadline you set.
  • Your paper is then given to our Quality Control team to review.
  • A number of plagiarism checks will be performed.
  • Your paper will be reviewed by a trained editor.
  • All typos, spelling errors, missing commas, or grammar inconsistencies in your work (If any) will be fixed.
  • Your paper will be sent to you only after it has been greenlit by the Quality Control team.

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