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Donald Black’s concept of the sociology of the case contends that any legal case is in the last instance predominantly...

Very often, the separation between personal lives and governmental control can create a scenario whereas the individual citizen cannot recognize...

Ethnocentrism is an important concept that helps to shape the way people view the world. Specifically, ethnocentrism is act of...

By “value-free-research,” the famed sociologist Max Weber was essentially arguing for an ethic of professional detachment among sociologists and other...

To promote good rapport with clients, clinicians should sound positive and encouraging while interacting with clients. Throwing words of assurance...

The purpose of this research was to provide an analysis of the portrayal of the yuppie culture of the 1980s...

Understanding the relationship between cinema and geographic representation is fundamental in understanding the post-modern society. This is especially true when...

Good Company Inc. is a firm in a small Midwestern American town that provides payroll, tax, insurance and reporting support...

Culture is important for many reasons. I think that there are also two ways that culture is important: to the...

A culture is a collection of attitudes, customs, beliefs, practices, and other qualities that one can use to identify one...

Generation gap is a term which is used to mark the differences between generations. Generation gap is a natural phenomenon...

In the last decade there has been a sudden rebirth of nostalgia and making part of the past retroactive. One...

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Excellent College Essay Examples to Inspire Your Writing

One of the best methods of preparing top-quality essays, whether a college admission essay or a reflective essay, is by learning from other top-rated work by professional writers. Common app essay examples are done by experts to show students how to prepare their work. They can be very helpful, especially in demonstrating the recommended formatting, writing style, and new concepts to increase the chances of crafting great college essays.

So, let us take a closer look at the main types of essays you might be asked to prepare in college or university. We will also go a step further and provide top-rated essay examples that worked.

Argumentative Essay Examples/ Persuasive Essay Examples

This is a type of academic work where the writer tries to convince the reader to accept his/her point of view. It is vital to support the presented argument/s with evidence, and where possible, highlight counterarguments. Preparing quality argumentative application essays can be challenging because it requires extensive reading and close attention to details. Here is a good argumentative essay example to help you sharpen your writing skills.

Common App College Essay Examples

A common app essay is prepared by students seeking admission to college. It is used by admission committees in universities and colleges to get to know students more. While the grades achieved in the previous level of education offer a qualitative outlook of the student, the common app essay helps to highlight his/her personality and identity. Here are some good examples of common app essays that worked.

Extended Essay Examples

This is a long type of essay, usually about 4,000 words, which is structured around a topic of the student’s selection. Some students opt to write about topics such as history, environment, politics, or literature. Read through the extended essay examples below to sharpen your skills about crafting similar papers like a professional.

This I Believe Essay Examples

This is another popular type of essay where the writer shares personal beliefs and, using a narrative, shows their origin. Make sure to carry comprehensive research about the origin of your personal belief and present it well so that the reader can understand it well. Check out:

Photo College Essay Examples

A photo essay is a form of visual storytelling, a method of presenting your narrative using images. It can be a great way to evoke emotions without using words. Here is a demonstration.

Why NYU Essay Examples

This type of college admission essay is prepared when a student is seeking admission to New York University. The goal is to demonstrate to the admissions committee how you and the university fit each other. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully research the opportunities offered at NYU and demonstrate how the university will help you achieve your career dreams. Here are some good examples of college essays for your reference.

Process College Essay Examples

Process essays are prepared to provide step-by-step directions of doing something. Therefore, they are structured around helping the reader to achieve a specific result after following pre-defined steps. A student might want to explain how to test blood sugar or prepare a vaccine in a subject like biology. Check out one of the best process essay examples below.

Narrative College Essay Examples

This is a storytelling type of essay, which allows you to give a story about a real-life event. Although narrative essays might sound simple, most students find them challenging because they require top-notch writing skills. Failing to have the reader in mind can also result in failure with your essay. Here are some good college essays that you can use to learn more about style and formatting.

Scholarship Essay Examples

This is one of the commonest types of academic essays because every student has to write it to get admitted to college. To craft a good admission essay, students are required to explain why they picked a specific field of study and reflect on their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Below is an excellent college essay example that you can use to build personal skills and confidence when applying for college admission.

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

As the name suggests, these essays analyze two subjects by comparing, contrasting, or both. The main goal of preparing compare and contrast essays is not to pinpoint the obvious but to capture the more profound similarities or differences between the two concepts. This essay can be challenging because you have to research both sides comprehensively. Here are some awesome compare and contrast essays that worked.

SAT Essay Examples

A SAT essay closely resembles the common assignments you get in college. You are provided with a passage in which you have to analyze how the author develops the main arguments. In most cases, you are required to complete the SAT essay in 50 minutes. See the demonstration of professionally done sample essays below:

Personal Essay Examples

This piece of writing explores a specific experience and brings out the story of the incident from a personal point of view. For example, you can illustrate how an event, such as a wedding or death, changed your perspectives. Here is a fantastic personal college essay sample for you.

Reflective Essay Examples

When writing a reflective essay, you describe some experience or moment from your life. Good examples of these experiences might be your most outstanding holiday, a competition, or experience at work. Then, you explore personal feelings and ideas about the event. How did it affect you? Below are some examples of good sample college essays.

Definition College Essay Examples

As the name indicates, this type of essay requires you to explain the meaning of a term or concept by describing it. You have to go deeper and support your definition using clear facts and examples. Check out the essay examples below to help you prepare high-quality work.

Expository Essay Examples

This is another common type of essay you are likely to encounter in college. It is a genre that requires the learner to analyze an idea and expound on it. Then, you have to set forth an argument about the idea in a concise way. Here is a good example of an expository essay done by an expert.

Informative Essay Examples

Informative essays are used to educate others about a specific topic. In most cases, these essays answer the question; what, who, when, where, how, or why? Below is a good demonstration of a good informative essay.

Cause and Effect Essay Examples

These essays are focused on discovering and discussing events that result in specific results. When working on cause and effect essays, it is important to comprehensively research specific causes and how they link to particular results. For example, what are the causes and effects of COVID-19? Here is one of the best examples of cause and effect essays.

Rhetorical Analysis College Essay Examples

What is a rhetorical essay? This type of academic write-up breaks down a text, such as a novel, and evaluates it in terms of rhetoric. Therefore, you focus more on how the author is delivering his/her arguments than what he/she is putting through. You need to check the goals, techniques, and how effectively the content appeals to the audience. Here is a good example.

Descriptive College Essay Examples

When your teacher asks you to prepare a descriptive essay, you are required to describe something. This can be an event, person, emotion, experience, or even an idea. The essay's main objective is to give readers enough details so that they can imagine the selected topic. To help you understand how descriptive essays are done more effectively, here is an example.

Whether you are writing a descriptive or college application essay, we know it can be tough, but you can use our online custom essay writing help to prepare it. We have professional writers ready to help you with every educational essay type, no matter the type, topic, or complexity. Our services are also cheap so that all students can afford them. You can never go wrong with professional writers!