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Grammar Checker


It is essential for any writer, whether a college, high school student or blogger to have access to a grammar checker. Having excellent grammar skills will set you apart in professional settings. Better grammar means a more explicit message, and thus, you increase the likelihood of your audience understanding your paper. Grammar checker for essays helps you achieve this easily and quickly, when you buy custom research paper online.

Importance of an Essay Grammar Check

With a grammar checker, you can attain the following:

  1. Content is easier to read and understand with proper grammar
  2. The power and beauty of words are amplified by proper grammar.
  3. Your content will be considered credible
  4. It enhances seniority and literacy
  5. Proper grammar means people will enjoy reading your essay

A free grammar check online enables you to be at the top of the game. However, proper grammar is more than knowing the rules; it entails knowing how to use language effectively. 

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or native English speaker; English grammar can be a tricky affair. No matter how confident your grasp of English grammar is, you can easily mistype when you're writing. That is why you need a check essay feature that will enable you to curb all these fast and concentrate on your writing ideas (or an expert by your side, who can serve all those "write my dissertation for me" requests).

What are some of the most common grammar mistakes in academic papers? Here is a list that will help you see where you have been going wrong so that you can correct errors and have a better essay:

Top 30 Common Mistakes in Grammar

  1. The use of "They're, Their and There."
  2. Difference between "Your and You're"
  3. Its and It's
  4. Using Me and me
  5. Use of passive voice
  6. Having dangling modifiers
  7. Missing comma after the introductory element
  8. Leaving out commas in compound sentences
  9. A reference to pronouns vaguely. 
  10. Use of "To and Too"
  11. Using wrong synonyms
  12. Run-on sentences
  13. Adding commas where they aren't necessary
  14. Lack of a parallel structure
  15. Having many phrases
  16. Comma splice
  17. Illegal use of the colon
  18. Improper split infinitives 
  19. Plural of sheep and equipment
  20. Incorrect use of prepositions, on, of, and off
  21. Lose and loose
  22. Incomplete sentences
  23. Errors in subject-verb agreement
  24. Use of whose and that
  25. Further and farther 
  26. The use of until and up to
  27. Farther vs. Further
  28. Use of the dash and hyphen
  29. Do's and Don'ts
  30. Ensure and insure

With the free essay checker, you can check all these and correct them before submitting your paper. You can become a grammar master with the check my essay for my online tool. 

So, how do you use this free grammar checker?

How the Essay Corrector Works

  1. First, write your document as usual in the word processing program
  2. Next, copy and paste your text into the blank area provided
  3. Press the "Check Text" option at the bottom
  4. Wait for the free grammar check to complete
  5. Please correct the mistakes as they appear one at a time
  6. Once you are through correcting them all, you can copy and paste it back to your word processing program

Check my grammar is convenient and easy to use the free tool. You do not need any expert knowledge or prior experience (although you may get it at professional custom essay writing service). Do not struggle with your paper revision or spend way too much time trying to proofread your paper. Check my essay for me can do that for you at a fast turn-out time, free of charge!

You can now say goodbye to all the punctuation errors, tricky spelling errors, and enhance your writing to an excellent standard. Get to write the flawless, and clear text that will impress your readers and leave them yearning to read more from you.

If you need professional proofreading help, it is available 24/7 and at an affordable rate. Our service enables you to revise your essay fast and produce the best quality. Professional editors with decades of experience in the industry are always ready to help you with your grammar. 


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