Weight Loss Diet

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High protein diet

High protein diets are good for long term weight loss solutions. Even though proteins tend to be high in fats and low in carbohydrates, proteins are beneficial to the body in terms reducing the amount of body fats. In most cases, people feed more on fats when they tend to feel hungry during their daily activities. Studies show that regulated consumption of calories in the body lead to weight loss, generally seen through the consumption of high protein diets. When persons consume a high protein diet during the day, the persons are likely not to overeat afterwards. Proteins ensure that a person feels full thus preventing the desire to look for other foods which might be high on calories. For example, when a person feels hungry during the day, it is likely for the person to consume desserts which are likely to be high in calories (Harvard School of Public Health, 2012).

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High protein diet is seen important towards the maintenance of weight loss. Weight loss benefits are seen to be supported by higher protein intake in individuals in the long term. Calories are the cause for weight loss in the bodies. Consumption of proteins helps burn down calories in the body. Proteins consume a lot of energy during processing which contributes to the burning down of calories in the body of a person. As a result, a high protein diet is a major contributor towards weight loss. Additionally, proteins helps a person feel full for a longer period of time which helps reduce the need to take more carbohydrates and sugar high foods. Resultantly, we can note that a high protein diet is a contributor towards weight loss in people around the world. The protein weight loss diet is only effective in the long run thus should be effected in early stages to avoid or reduce overweight (Hall, 2016).

Proteins help in improving the body composition in a person during the period of weight loss through the use of lean muscle. Many people often resort to exercising as a way to work on cutting down weight from the body. A high protein diet is a good composition that helps persons to hang on the lean muscle during weight loss. On the protein diets, there are different types of diets that are considered important for weight loss in individuals. Some combination of foods helps cut down the weight in individuals or control the rate of metabolism and calories consumption in the body (Dr. Axe, 2016).

Additionally, proteins helps a person ward off muscle loss which results from low fat diets. Therefore, certain protein foods work on ensuring that individuals break down calories in the body by converting the fats into energy. When persons consume carbohydrates instead, energy will be used from the carbohydrates and resultantly fats in the body will not be burned down to energy and body fat will still be maintained (Clifton, Keogh, & Noakes, 2008).

Some of the protein foods that need to be included in the weight loss diet include; grass-fed beef, bone broth protein, wild fish, lentils, black beans, organic chicken, natto, raw milk, free range eggs, and raw cheese (Dr. Axe, 2016). The body will lose more weight when the protein is consumed throughout the day in multiple meals rather than a single large consumption of proteins. Consuming proteins throughout the day ensures that the metabolic process of digesting the process is continuous and more energy is utilized. As a result, more body fats are burnt down to provide energy for use in digestion.

In conclusion, high protein diets are necessary for breaking down fats into energy since the metabolic process of protein takes a long period. Proteins are thus a very important component of a weight loss diet to obese individuals and individuals looking to prevent weight gain since the effects are long term.

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