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What’s more annoying than writing a college paper? Fingernails scraping on a chalkboard? Children repeating everything you say? Getting a tooth slowly yanked out? At agitating as these things are, there’s possibly something more mind-breaking and terrifyingly torturous than these. It’s the step above traditional, irritating essay writing. It’s MLA paper writing. Few students in the world have the stomach for MLA style papers – and one such student was Tim, college student at Georgia State University. Tim had a problem: he was facing a tough MLA paper, and had no way around it. Here is his story:

Tim: “I won’t beat around the bush. I came to MyCustomEssay.com because I needed someone to write my MLA paper. MLA formatting has always been frustrating for me. I just don’t get it. I don’t get why we need it, why it’s important, why papers have to be formatted that way – I just don’t get it. Can’t I just get my point across and leave it at that? Apparently not. I wasn’t about to go out of my way to figure out MLA formatting, either – so I just had MyCustomEssay.com write my MLA paper for me. I wasn’t being lazy. I just didn’t see the point of forcing myself to learn and recreate something I was never going to use. I’m in school for a business degree – I’m hoping to own a restaurant one day. MLA papers are the last thing on my mind.

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“MyCustomEssay.com got the job done exactly as they said they would – which is great, because my whole future was riding on how they chose to write my MLA paper. This was the one class standing between me and senior year, and they nailed it. My teacher was surprised and impressed; I just kept quiet. For all he knows, I’m an MLA master, and I’m just fine with that! Fine dining and business, here I come!”

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