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Best Essay Topics For You

Outstanding History Topics

Great Essay Topic Ideas on Politics

Popular Essay Topics on Environmental Issues

Social Issues Essay Topics

Hamlet Essay Topics

Choose Essay Topics, Inspire with Paper Ideas

Writing an essay involves several steps, but one of the most important steps is choosing an essay topic that you can comfortably write about in a quality essay. However, many professors/teachers choose their students’ essay topics whether the students feel comfortable and confident writing about them. When you find you are stuck with essay topics that you do not want to write, we at MyCustomEssay.com encourage you to trust our professional writers with the task of completing your essays for you.

Essays come in a variety of different genres. We have essay writing professionals who specialize in a variety of different genres. They can help you decide on cause and effect essay topics and they can also help you when you have to struggle through challenging comparison essays topics that you have no choice to write. We also have writers who enjoy writing about persuasive essay topics, and they write them so well that they can convince anyone to agree with their position on any topic.

Native English Speakers for High-Quality Writing

When you contact us with your essay writing needs, we will match your essay topic needs with the writers who can create the best essay for you. Then, you simply need to choose the writer that you want to work with on your project. Each writer is instructed to create a brand new essay from scratch. Our writers know that teachers and professors use plagiarism checking software to be sure their students are being honest. We promise that each essay you order from MyCustomEssay.com will be completely free from any plagiarism.

Each writer we hire is a native English speaker, so the style of your essay will not draw any unusual attention from your teacher. Many of the less expensive essay writing services will hire non-native English speakers because the companies can pay non-native speakers less money. When it comes to essay writing, you get what you pay for, so we might charge a bit more, but your essay will be crafted with professionalism and care

If your essay topic needs research and documentation, our writers will create a paper that meets your needs with both in-text documentation and bibliography work in the style your professor requires. We have writers who know how to create papers in all styles.

Best Essay Topics For You

The secret ingredient to writing remarkable essays is creating an outline first before you take on the actual task. However, you cannot create an outline if you have no idea what topic to write your essay on. It's, therefore, safe to say that choosing an essay topic you're interested in is the essential step in essay writing. That said, here is a compilation of some of the best essay topics to help you brainstorm.

Essay Topics on Technology

  1. Outline and explain the pros and cons of mobile phones on the 21st century Average Joe
  2. Is face detection the solution to identity theft?
  3. What would life be like without technology?
  4. Are self-driving vehicles a good idea?
  5. Describe the impact of modern technology on the health sector
  6. Are we becoming technological zombies?
  7. The impact of technology on mental and emotional well-being; is it negative or positive?
  8. Will 3-D printing and virtual technology alter our future in any way?
  9. Define the relationship between technology and science
  10. Does the internet call for controls or censorship?

Outstanding History Topics

  1. Describe education during the renaissance period
  2. Life and death during the Middle Ages
  3. Reasons the US used to justify the drop of nuclear bombs in world war II
  4. Outline and explain the prominent figures in the American revolution
  5. Describe the interactions and relationship between the whites and the native Americans
  6. How did oppression influence the African-American culture
  7. The hippie culture movement; did it have a significant impact on today's societies?
  8. Sexual revolution; the causes and consequences
  9. How whistleblowers have helped alter the course of American history
  10. Describe the political power of the pope in the Middle Ages

Incredible Essay Topics on Social Media

  1. Types of cyberbullying and its impact on our society
  2. How can parents limit or monitor their kids' social media activities
  3. Describe the effects of social media on education
  4. The dangers of social media and why they are rarely addressed
  5. Is there a bright side to social media?
  6. Does social media fuel radicalization
  7. The positive impact of social media on small businesses
  8. The effect of social platforms on democracy
  9. Life without social media; is it really possible?
  10. Can social media addiction be classified as a disorder?

Great Essay Topic Ideas on Politics

  1. Define the correlation between power and morality
  2. Do gender stereotypes and discrimination affect politics?
  3. Is terrorism a political tool? Explain.
  4. The history of international relations
  5. Will there ever be an end to corruption?
  6. Define populism
  7. Should less-developed countries demand help from highly developed ones?
  8. Cultural pluralism; What is it, and how does it work?
  9. The most influential political figure of the 21st century
  10. Should the death penalty be eradicated?

Sports Essay Topic Ideas

  1. The impact of gender discrimination on sports
  2. Steroids and drugs in the sports sector; is there a need for alarm?
  3. Outline and analyze causes of deaths through the history of Olympic games
  4. Why do scientists and sports coaches and instructors need to work together?
  5. Should experienced cyber spot gamers be considered professional athletes?
  6. Does America have an obsession with sports?
  7. Do psychological issues such as anxiety increase the risk of injuries during sports?
  8. Should doping tests be mandatory in all sports
  9. Sports psychologists; who are they, and why are they of the essence?
  10. Overtraining syndrome; is it a thing, and should it be given more thought?

Popular Essay Topics on Environmental Issues

  1. Is the recycling industry geared towards personal gain or environmental conservation
  2. Which animal groups are projected to be extinct, and why?
  3. The role of volcanoes in nature
  4. Fishing regulations will help preserve the environment
  5. Will making public transport free reduce car pollution?
  6. Should the penalties of littering be more stringent?
  7. Social movements fronting environmental preservation and their influence
  8. Are we responsible for global warming, or is it part of nature's cycle?
  9. How can one apply green IT in their home?
  10. Are green businesses really environmentally friendly?

Psychology Essay Topics

  1. Does religion affect capital punishment decisions?
  2. Dating abuse in the modern world
  3. How helpful is divorce counseling?
  4. Attractive people get better grades: why?
  5. The importance of our school uniforms
  6. Analyze the psychological profile of a known terrorist
  7. Is suicide contagious?
  8. The psychological triggers of depression
  9. Psychological causes of aging
  10. Analyzing the effects of obesity on depressive people.

Social Issues Essay Topics

  1. How are we tackling poverty?
  2. The truth nobody talks about: fat shaming
  3. The truth about USA's totem poles
  4. How are gender roles changing in the United States?
  5. Analyzing the top 3 weird burial rituals
  6. Palestinians and the Two-State solution
  7. Are immigrants good or bad for America?
  8. Ethnic cleansing is not a thing of the past
  9. What happened during the Armenian genocide?
  10. Are LGBT people still discriminated today?

Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics

  1. Contrast and compare Romeo and Juliet with West Side Story
  2. Romeo and Juliet: Explaining the concept of fate
  3. Are Romeo and Juliet "modern" rebels for their families?
  4. What makes Romeo and Juliet a classic tragedy?
  5. What are the motives that drive Friar Laurence?
  6. Romeo and Juliet: Romantic story or tragedy?
  7. The lessons you've learned from Romeo and Juliet
  8. Analyze the key conflicts in Romeo and Juliet
  9. Hooks and literary devices in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
  10. Romeo and Juliet: Main moral themes explained

Hamlet Essay Topics

  1. Analyzing deception in Hamlet
  2. The importance of comic relief characters (Rosencrantz) in Hamlet
  3. Hamlet: Analyzing the soliloquy literary device
  4. Hamlet: Analyzing the conflict
  5. Compare and contrast Hamlet and Laertes
  6. Analyzing the use of images in Hamlet
  7. Exploring the depths of Guildenstern's role in Hamlet
  8. Is suicide the main theme of Hamlet?
  9. An in-depth look at the tragedy of Hamlet
  10. What are the elements of probability in Shakespeare's Hamlet?

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