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Choose Good Topic For Your Research Paper

Best Research Paper Topic Ideas

Medical/Health Research Paper Topics

Popular Education Topics

Research Paper Topics on Law and Ethics

Research Paper Topics on Current Issues

We Write Papers On Any Topics

Choose Good Topic For Your Research Paper

You have been given an assignment for a research paper, and you have no idea what topic to write on. You have thought about it for days and nothing is coming into your head. You may be starting to feel anxious about running out of time to write the research paper, simply because you haven’t yet decided on a research paper topic. The last thing you need right now is a high stress level.

Did you know that help is available? You can take that load of stress right off of your shoulders and throw it out the window. Here at we have hundreds of professional academic writers who are experienced and skilled at coming up with research paper topics. Our team of writers is easy to work with, and you have the opportunity to communicate with them through the whole process of taking your research paper ideas and turning them into a winning research paper.

Why is a good research paper topic so important? Well, the topic is kind of like a news headline. It is designed to capture the reader’s attention. A dull uninteresting topic is not exciting to read about so it doesn’t make a very big impact. The topic is the foundation upon which everything else about the paper is built on. We have over 100 professional academic writers who are skilled and trained in helping you discover research paper topics that are perfect for your needs.

Best Research Paper Topic Ideas

Writing a research paper by itself is a hard task. It becomes even harder when your professor does not assign you a topic. Fortunately, we’ve got your back with a list of exciting research paper topics that you could write on and leave your professor speechless. The topic suggestions are categorized according to different fields so it can be easier for you to pick one from an area that intrigues you the most.

Research Paper Topics on Arts and Culture

  1. The evolution of rap music over the past decade
  2. What was the impact of Michael Jackson on pop music
  3. How is the female gender portrayed in the media, for instance, in film and music?
  4. How much does religion impact arts and culture
  5. Is culture a defining trait in humans only, or is it identifiable in animals as well?
  6. Attitude towards sex among a different culture
  7. Influence of pop culture on our society today
  8. Describe the effects of the Victorian era on art and culture
  9. What are the most remarkable cultural achievements of the 20th century in today's society

Medical/Health Research Paper Topics

  1. Should models have a minimum weight limit?
  2. How much exercise should an average Joe indulge in every week?
  3. Should steroids be legalized
  4. Vaccines; should parents have the final say on their kids’ immunization
  5. Are food and fertilizer manufacturers killing us?
  6. Explain the pros and cons of antipsychotics
  7. Describe the physical, emotional and mental effects of bulimia
  8. Outline the significant improvements seen in dentistry over the past two decades
  9. Will banning Chinese-USA toy imports mitigate the lead poisoning problem?
  10. Is euthanasia a form of assisted suicide
  11. The attitude of the current society on mental health and what can be done to change it

Popular Education Topics

  1. Explain the benefits and outline the demerits of the Montesorri method.
  2. How can we reduce bullying in schools?
  3. Sex in schools; should academic institutions provide condoms for students?
  4. Do homeschooled students perform better in college and university than students who enrolled in regular schools?
  5. What is the role of technology in lesson planning, and what are its impacts on the current education system?
  6. Should college students who engage in athletics be paid?
  7. Describe the “No Child Left Behind” model and its impact so far
  8. Should standardized tests be outlawed? What would be the impact?
  9. Do students perform better in a single-sex than a mixed-sex institution?
  10. Define the impact of mandatory PE classes on the students’ health

Research Paper Topics on Law and Ethics

  1. Is breaking the law for a civil cause justifiable?
  2. What are some of the flaws of our legal system
  3. Is it ethical for people to donate organs in exchange for money
  4. Define the effectiveness of international criminal laws
  5. Should parents be held responsible when their underage kids break laws?
  6. Is affirmative action of the essence in education and the workplace?

Great Research Topics on Social Issues

  1. Is feminism still a thing at this age?
  2. What measures will help prevent child marriages?
  3. What’s your take on interracial marriages? Explain.
  4. How the role of a woman in our society has evolved over time
  5. Gender stereotypes at the workplace, how do they impact productivity, and what can be done?
  6. How does college debt affect the future choices of students?
  7. Do beauty pageants set unachievable beauty standards?
  8. Talk about the discrimination of the black woman in modern-day America

Research Paper Topics on Current Issues

  1. Should abortion be legalized?
  2. Explain your take on the legalization of marijuana
  3. What can be done to mitigate cyberbullying?
  4. Is overpopulation manageable?
  5. What's your view on same-sex marriages
  6. Define the impact of immigrants on our economy
  7. What is the US obligation to third world countries
  8. Should sex offenders be allowed back into the communities they came from?
  9. Is arming pilots a good idea?
  10. Describe LGBT tolerance around the world
  11. Why is it that women still earn 75 cents for every $1 a man makes?
  12. Will gun laws help reduce mass and school shootings?
  13. Describe Sexual objectification of women in marketing
  14. How and why have divorce rates gone up?
  15. Explain the impact of Trump’s presidency on international relations
  16. Does blockchain help mitigate identity theft?
  17. What’s your take on gun laws?
  18. Do doctors turn patients into drug addicts?
  19. How has the #Blacklivesmatter movement affected and changed the perspective on racism in the US?
  20. How has religion been used to justify crimes against humanity in the past?
  21. Do immigrants and refugees pose a threat to the hosting countries?
  22. Should prescription drugs be marketed directly to the consumers
  23. Are there hopes for a future without racism?
  24. Can North and South Korea ever unite?
  25. The Impeachment of Donald Trump; will it happen?
  26. The impact of the Me Too movement on sexual harassment at work.

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