Progressive Era Essay

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The increase in racial segregation is depicted in the picture that comprises only white people. Due to the unequal treatment given to the people based on their skin color; it gave one their social status in the society and the roles they ought to play. People needed to fight for their rights, however, this created segregation among individuals as each felt the need to protect their own. The oppressed were of the view of inclusion and being accorded equal treatment, while their masters resisted it as was slowing their acquisition of vast wealth and the expansion of their territories.

There is perceived increase in the farm produce as it is visible in the grocery at the marketplace; this is because at this period in time, there were more people to provide manual labor in the fields after the end of the war. There was a boom of industrialization as people were rebuilding their states. Industrialization brought about mechanization that aided farming. It made farming both fast and easier. It promoted efficiency as manpower was subject to exhaustion as compared to machines that work evenly. Mechanization also enhanced the farming of large tracks of land, thus, helping the farmers to benefit from scale of production.

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The number of orphans in the state was on the rise as the progressive error was preceded by the World War where many people lost their lives leaving behind children with no one to take care of them. They had to learn at a young age to fend for themselves and acquire skills for their survival. This has been illustrated by the three children laying close to each other. They understand that body contact or staying close to each other will aid in the generation of warmth more so at such at a time when they lacked the beddings. The busy schedule of people working in the various professions made it rare for the surviving relatives to care for the orphaned children.

A large number of people in the urban centers were fighting for equal treatment of all by virtue of one being human. They also needed a shift in the regime as the economic status of most states were dominated by corporations and some individuals were corrupt and took advantage of the lack of certain regulations and ambiguity of certain clauses to exploit others. This is illustrated by a large number of people holding demonstrations to express their grievances. The demonstrations are peaceful and organized with some people are holding banners.

Slavery led to the inhuman treatment of some people who provided manual work at no pay. They were viewed as properties of their masters. These enhanced the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor as the masters exploited the slaves to generate more wealth, whereas the slaves lacked the very basic needs for their survival. This has been illustrated by the picture of the man in chains and the woman standing next to him, while on the far end are men dressed in huts and armed. They are ready to flex their muscles to ensure that they acquire the slave. The man is chained due to his psychical strength and, hence, is a threat to their masters. The exploitation of the slaves creates the need for resistance as they are grieved by unequal treatment.

In conclusion, the progressive era as illustrated in the pictures indicates the tough times in most of the American states that were experienced after the World Wars; this was a time when the nations were trying to rebuild themselves from the destructions and impact of the war.

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