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You’ve finally faced the music: it’s time to buy an essay. As you look at your calendar for the next few weeks you know you won’t have a shred of free time to work on that tiresome essay assignment. Even if you stayed up all night, concentrating harder than you ever had before, you wouldn’t get it finished. The topic is just too foreign, the content to dull or the formatting too unfamiliar. You’re lost without a guide, and the only smart thing left to do it to pass your assignment along to someone else. MyCustomEssay.com is here to tell you what to expect out of your writing service before you entrust them with your essay!

You see, an essay writer service should be top-quality, but many are the exact opposite. In an extreme effort to raise profit and lower costs, many essay writing companies hire inexperienced individuals that (a) can’t speak English fluently, (b) plagiarize material to save time, (c) produce poor quality writing, or (d) simply take the money and run! These cheap, ineffective companies don’t understand that great essay writers are available and up for hire, though they may need a higher paycheck. At MyCustomEssay.com, we aren’t afraid to hire educated, esteemed writers; in fact, we pride ourselves on it! In our ranks of essay writers, UK college professionals, U.S. freelance writers and many more experienced individuals are hard at work. How do we know our essay writers are so phenomenal? Simple: we iust them to the test.

What makes a great essay writer? At MyCustomEssay.com, we believe it starts with a great education. No matter where we find our essay writers – the UK, Australia, U.S., South African, etc. – we have to make sure they are fluent in English and educated in language and writing skills. Before these proposed essay writers can hope to work for us, the first have to present these crucial credentials: a college degree and at least a year of work experience. Once we’re satisfied with their previous education, we put them to another test – a literal text. We provide mock assignments to our prospective employees, who must then compose entirely original and innovative essays. If they manage to pass this test, then they can begin work at MyCustomEssay.com.

MyCustomEssay.com is an essay writing company built on principle of quality. We believe our essay writers should be nothing less than top-notch, best-of-the-best individuals that can work efficiently and quickly. When you purchase an essay from us, it’s a relief, not an extra layer of stress, because we have the expert employees to back up our claims of quality.

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