Against Gun Control

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Gun control has emerged one of the most divisive issues in America and the tragedies like Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut have only increased the call for stricter gun control. But supporters of gun control are letting their emotions cloud their judgment. The solution to tragedies like Sandy Hook do not lie in stricter gun control but better security policies and more effective enforcement of existing legislation.

Gun control laws should be opposed because they will be unconstitutional. The 2nd Amendment clearly states that the citizens have the right to bear arms and gun control laws would violate one of the basic rights granted to American citizens by the constitution. The supporters of gun control laws also make an inaccurate connection between guns and murders because guns are merely tools and the actual culprits are the individuals who misuse guns. Just because cars can kill people doesn’t mean we should ban cars because the responsibility of any accidents fall upon the drivers and not the cars.

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Gun control supporters should realize that if one has the intention to commit a crime, he would do it, with or without guns. And moreover, gun control laws would only lead to an underground economy in weapons which would make it even more difficult to ensure the security of American citizens. We have already seen how effective marijuana laws have been in curbing marijuana use. Guns have been an integral part of American culture since the founding of the nation and the supporters of gun control are mistaken in believing that gun control laws would decrease the presence of weapons in the country.

Calls for gun control laws take attention away from more important issues which are improving security infrastructure and enforcing existing laws more effectively. Gun control laws make the mistake of shifting the blame from the criminals to the tools.

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