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Over the last 13 years, Apple has been at the forefront for innovation. This is because the company is known for providing innovative products which are addressing the needs of consumers. A few of the most notable include: the i pod, i phone and i pad. Each one of them has enabled customers to have more flexibility in the way they are connected with the world. (Standard and Poor’s, 2013) (Bellaver, 2011)

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Recently, the company released the i Pad Air. To fully understand the way trends are changing requires examining the product itself. This will be accomplished by focusing on the product / service, why it was introduced, how the company communicates / implements changes and if it was successful. Together, these elements will illustrate how Apple is evolving with the various challenges it faces. (Standard and Poor’s, 2013)

What is the new product / service?
The i Pad Air is much smaller than traditional tablets. It weights 1 pound and is 7.5 mm thick. At the same time, it has a 9.7 inch display and resolution of 2048 x 1536 with 3.1 million pixels. This is designed to provide everyone with a more interactive experience. (“Does Even More and Weighs Less,” 2014)

It is also enabling them, to easily take the device with them when they are on the go. It uses a much more powerful A7 chip to increase functionality and enhance the wireless features. This is provides a better experience to someone utilizing the latest technology to improve upon where the previous generations i Pads’ left off. (“Does Even More and Weighs Less,” 2014)

Why did Apple introduce the new product?
The i Pad Air was introduced to deal with critical weaknesses in previous tablets the company had introduced. The most notable include: challenges with the wireless features and there were continuing software updates. These issues were problematic, as they caused the device to malfunction frequently. At the same time, competition was increasing among other devices on the marketplace (i.e. the Kindle and Google Android tablets). To keep up with these changes, Apple needed to create another product that offered customers with something more. While at the same time, it was able to make improvements of off of the various flaws with the operating system and wireless features. The combination of these factors led to a focus in creating a superior product. That will address everyone’s needs and provide consumers with greater amounts of functionality. (Mills, 2014) (Bellaver, 2011)

How did they communicate or implement the change?
Apple is able to communicate some of the changes through their loyal group of followers. These are individuals who are enthusiastic about the company and the products they deliver. This takes place with engineers letting everyone know about a new project. Yet, they do not provide a lot of details until the unveiling ceremony. These individuals help to promote the product and create excitement about it. (Bellaver, 2011)

At the same time, the company will use simple and effective advertisements to target different demographics of consumers. The basic idea is to show how the product is superior and what it can provide to everyone. A catch phrase is said to instill a strong connection to what they saw. For instance, in many of Apple’s television commercials they will use sayings such as “I am a Mac, I am a PC.” The basic idea is to influence how consumers will see and think about the product. This is what has been taking place with the i Pod Air. (Bellaver, 2011)

Another way that Apple will implement change is to create the next generation model. This is from continuous research and development on the product. Any kind of defects are addressed and the device can offer customers with something more. These improvements are incorporated into the next model. The company will use this to show how it is of superior quality and is providing everyone with something more. The i Pad Air is addressing many of the issues from the wireless bugs and screen resolution problems. (Bellaver, 2011)

Was the change successful?
The launch and the way Apple communicated the new product was successful. Evidence of this can be seen with research provided by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). They found that Air sales were accounting for 57% of all i Pads sold over Christmas. This is illustrating how the strategy was able to connect with various demographic of consumers. These objectives are achieved by communicating with a variety of stakeholders. (Smith, 2014) (Bellaver, 2011)

Clearly, Apple is evolving with the different challenges it is facing by using the i Pad Air as a way to reconnect with consumers. This is happening through demonstrating how it is superior and can provide a better overall experience. While at the same time, it is technologically advanced from other tablets on the marketplace. To enforce these views, the company will reach out to their loyal followers and have them discuss the products with others. They will also use television to discuss the product favorably and with a catch phrase everyone can remember. These factors help the company to connect with a larger audience and introduce something which is providing them with more. Over the course of time, this leads to continuous sales of new products and services. These improvements are based upon the strategies they utilized, to standout against competitors. This enables Apple to protect its market share and continually to dominate the electronics industry.

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