Argument for Or Against Vaccine

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Response 1
I think you need to be careful in the way that you use statistics. For example, when you say, “most childhood vaccinations are 90-99 % effective in preventing death”, what is the population that you are referring to? The children who would have gotten sick, but didn’t because of a vaccine? It is a confusing statement that could be easily torn apart. It might be more powerful to give more results using the template in your other statement, that “Just the measles vaccination alone decreased childhood death by 74% between 1994 and 2014”. Then you could also acknowledge the concerns about vaccine injury by pointing out how small a percentage has adverse impacts, in comparison to the positive outcomes. I would also add that globally 3 million people die every year from diseases which are preventable through vaccination (Bloom, Canning, & Weston, 2005).
Bloom, D. E., Canning, D., & Weston, M. (2005). The value of vaccination. WORLD ECONOMICS-HENLEY ON THAMES-, 6(3), 15.

Response 2
You made a point that really interests me, regarding the 200 hundred year old theory upon which vaccines are based. I stronger case could be made by providing additional information, from a reputable scholarly source, regarding why this science may be outdated. In a quick search, I did find an article which outlines how outdated understanding of how vaccines work is holding back the development of some vaccines (Van Regenmortel, 2014). I also found reference to the history of how smallpox was eradicated through a vaccination program which in fact left many children disabled or dead on the way to successfully eradicating the disease (Durbach, 2004).
Durbach, N. (2004). Bodily matters: the anti-vaccination movement in England, 1853–1907. Duke University Press.
Van Regenmortel, M. H. (2014). An outdated notion of antibody specificity is one of the major detrimental assumptions of the structure-based reverse vaccinology paradigm, which prevented it from helping to develop an effective HIV-1 vaccine. Frontiers in immunology, 5.

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Response 3
You take a very strong position against vaccines, with some convincing arguments that vaccines are politically implemented, without regard for potential negative side effects. You definitely caught my attention when you stated that the CDC warns that 1 in 14,000 children may experience seizures after DTaP. In a state with 140,000 children that means ten would suffer. More statistics such as this could also be complemented by incidences which have built distrust between various American communities and the public health field. One example is the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, begun before WWII and ending in scandal in the1970s, which saw African-American men with syphilis intentionally not given treatment, without their knowledge, in order to study the progression of this curable disease (Daugherty-Brownrigg, 2013). Why would we expect certain communities to trust vaccines given these historical facts?
Daugherty-Brownrigg, B. (2013). Tuskegee syphilis study. In Mental Health Practitioner’s Guide to HIV/AIDS (pp. 423-426). Springer New York.

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