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Benefits of Agricultural Technologies

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One of the characteristics of a successful society is the availability of food security. Food abundance in an economy implies that citizens are well positioned to participate fully in development activities. America is one of the countries in the world that are able to produce enough food for both the domestic consumption and export. This is facilitated by the continued technological advancement whereby farmers are able to devise new agricultural methods through research as well as applying proper farming equipment to increase output. Some of the common agricultural methods since the end of the Green Revolution include the genetic modification (GM) and polyculture farming. While these new farming methods have increased the amount of food produced in the U.S., there have been concerns surrounding their effects on the environment and food safety.

Both the GM and polyculture farming techniques depict the extent to which the progression of agricultural technologies is helpful to the globe. First, GM farming involves the transfer of a different DNA to a plant cell to enable it to alter its attributes into a more desired composition (Bawa & Anilakumar, 2013). This method has made it possible for farmers to cultivate crops that yield a high output and are resistant to various diseases and drought. However, GM farming is deemed to be unfriendly to the environment as it affects biodiversity through the reduction of natural crop and animal species (Bawa & Anilakumar, 2013).

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Moreover, GM foods are said to be harmful to the human body, although the claim is not proved scientifically yet. Second, polyculture involves the cultivation of different types of animals and crops on the same farm. This enhances the production of food in regions that have limited land. Polyculture is believed to affect the environment positively by enhancing biodiversity and also increases the yield of small tracts of land (McGuire, 2015). It is apparent that technology has made it possible for farmers to make better use of their land and increase their harvest.

Overall, the advancement realized in agricultural technologies is the reason for America’s food abundance. Farmers are now able to use land more efficiently by growing crops or keeping animals that are adaptive to various geographical locations. The GM and polyculture farming techniques have become common in the recent past and are seen as less costly and more effective. Some of the challenges associated with these techniques include a reduction in biodiversity which affects the environment and the perceived health problems due to the consumption of genetically modified foods.

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