Boston University School of Medicine Acceptance Letter

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Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) has a long history of excellence, almost as old as the university itself when it became the first medical school in the nation to train female physicians. Not surprisingly, the number of applications for admission far exceeds the number of spaces available. An acceptance letter is not only one of the best life moments for accepted candidates but also a proof that the accepted candidates possess the scholastic aptitude and the leadership qualities to succeed in today’s competitive environment. I have always been confident of my potential to be an exemplary professional in the field of medicine and the acceptance letter has inspired me to reach for even higher goals. The letter has also inspired me to reflect upon as to why BUSM has chosen me as one of the roughly 1-in-20 applicants who have made it into the school.

Indeed, I had impressive grades but I am sure, so did most of the other applicants who applied to BUSM. Grades reflect your work ethics but work ethics is only one of many qualities required for being the kind of medical professional that keeps BUSM’s tradition for excellence alive. BUSM doesn’t see medical profession as just a career choice but also as a personal philosophy. I have never wanted to go into the medical profession just because it carries prestige and high lifetime income potential but because it will provide me with tremendous opportunities to make a positive difference in the society. BUSM is specifically committed to improving the standards of public health on a vast scale and it understood I have sincere desire to bring access to quality healthcare to everyone irrespective of their economic background. BUSM also understands that superior technical skills are not sufficient alone to succeed in the profession. Our world has been changing rapidly and medical professionals are now expected to display leadership skills. The ability of the medical profession to achieve its objectives now depends upon a great deal upon the ability of different stakeholders to work together. My application demonstrated I possess leadership, communication, and people skills that will allow me to form productive working partnerships with other stakeholders. BUSM also understands the importance of continuous education, given the rapid pace of research and technological advancements. This is why BUSM has accepted me because I convinced them I will continue to advance my professional competence through research, professional seminars, and continuous education and will also regularly interact with stakeholders to better understand the challenges facing the medical profession.

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If we look at BUSM’s history, the university has never been afraid to challenge the norms and adopt forward-looking view of the future. From being the first medical school to train female physicians and the first school to train an African-American woman, the school has demonstrated time again and again that it exists to help individuals reach their true potential no matter who they may be and use their talents to advance the overall welfare of the communities in which they serve. This forward-looking approach is also reflected in BUSM’s commitment to research and this is why the school looks for inquisitive students who will strive to expand the boundaries of medical science.

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