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1. At present I work part-time in a local bookstore. I find that working there assists me in developing much needed social skills while interacting with a diverse base of customers having varied interests. Combined with my degree work in political science, I feel that my current position will be of assistance when moving toward a career in the political arena. I do not foresee any current issues that may affect my future goals, as careers in politics remain extremely open and diverse. Working at the bookstore is actually my first job, except babysitting when I was younger, which doesn’t seem to be applicable in term of my future ambitions.

2. The MBTI confirms what I have known all along: that I am an introvert. The SII provided me with career options more suitable to my personality type but, again, such options seemed very diverse, including working with my hands while working out of doors, or employment in the field of security. Yet, the SII also shows that I am a conventional type who enjoys organization and detail, and that I respond well to structure. I agree with these assessments yet feel it is too early to dash my present ambitions in favor of alternatives. Also, I feel that being here at ISU, combined with further interactions with students, faculty and even customers will provide me with amble opportunity to develop my social skills and cultivate a sense of ease pertaining to interpersonal and professional relations. It may also be that I must get a bit more specific and explore career options that fit within the political spectrum, such as journalism or even research.

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3. There are a number of things important to me that appear to be an appropriate fit within the broad spectrum of politics. First, family is quite important to me and I feel that in the United States the issue of family is of great concern to most. Second, I have a great affinity to the plight of those who immigrate to this country and face challenges that both inclusion and acculturation impose upon them. Because my parents are educators who had taught me the importance of reading, I am quite concerned about the issue of education and the ever-evolving nature of how public education is practiced. Lastly, I understand the importance of civic participation and discourse because without them it is quite difficult for our democracy to flourish. It would seem that all are worthy of consideration as I continue to explore a potential career in politics.

4. I feel that because I am just beginning my life in the work world I am an open slate. The MBTI is correct when assessing my introversion and I believe that I am in the right place in order to overcome this challenge. At this time, I would say that my strongest skill, or attribute, is my willingness to learn and work on things in order to improve myself. I must overcome my lack of confidence in order to enter a career field filled with strong personality types so that I may be a force who contributes to the causes having most interest to me.

5. I am a determined thinker who tends to view things from differing perspectives prior to making decisions. I apply this to my personal as well as working life. My decision to work in the arena of politics was arrived at only after considering my strengths and weaknesses, combined with my passion to represent the interests of others. Suffice to say that my approach to decision making is multi-dimensional and accounts for my own views as well as those of others. I also tend to read a great deal and believe that I have a firm grasp of issues and details prior to coming to a decision.

6. While the MBTI and SII provided me with a number of potential occupation worthy of exploration I have only explored journalism and archeology at this time. While both are specialized it would seem that, due to the Internet, the future of journalism remains up in the air.

On the other hand, positions in archeology appear to be predicated upon government funding hence neither are very assuring in terms of solid and consistent income potential. However, it would also appear there are more opportunities in terms of freelancing as a journalist, whereas archeology appears to be more limited where it would seem necessary to compete with others for limited positions offered at colleges and universities.

7. My short-term goals are to continue working on myself and addressing my issues pertaining to self-confidence and introversion. My current position provides me with a great way in which to develop my interpersonal skills as college allows me to be even more exposed to diverse viewpoints so integral in understanding the world as it is today.

8. Politics remains my overall interest and I will be diligently working for a future role within the arena, wherever that may take me or what it might eventually mean. There is still much to consider and explore, and it may mean that I must also attend graduate school upon completing my current degree program. I also believe that sometime before graduation I will have identified more specific career interests as they may pertain to politics. Until then, I feel my best approach is to remain open and to continue on the course I am presently on.

7. Being in this class has provided me with a number of skills I had never imagined existed. Using a methodological approach to career exploration is a wonderful way to identify strengths and weaknesses, how they may apply to work, and how they may relate to future career choices. The course has also provided me with a template in which to explore my interests in the political arena, and has also allowed me to explore as well as express those dimensions of myself that are viewed as barriers to attaining my goals.