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Visual impairment is a reference to people who do not see clearly or do not see at all. This is a challenge that we face in our day to day lives as we go around performing our duties. It should be noted that these people are not any different from everybody else. They have feelings like the ordinary people do, they can be in bad moods just like anybody else it is only that they are not able to see well or at all. These people should not be segregated but rather they should have the same treatment just like any other person. In like manner, we deal with people of different ages and these again I must say are not any different. They are people just like we are and the kind of treatment we give them should be what we expect to be given. Only age is the difference.

Visually Impaired
While working in a store or restaurant, dealing with these people is easy so long as we try to understand them. While addressing them, be as natural as you always are. No one should imagine that such people are from another planet. When a question is meant for them, it should be addressed as such and the same should not be directed to someone else hoping to get answers from the same people initially ignored.

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The mention of sight should not be a problem especially when dealing with the visually impaired because even though they do not see, they know there are other people who have sight. Calling their attention to see something will receive a positive response and it makes them feel like they are apart of you.

When selling a product to the visually impaired, the question of price should not arise in the way we state the price and quality of the product or may be by wanting to sell something of inferior quality. This would mean that you pity this person. Price is just price only the people are different.

When a visually impaired person comes to the retail store and they are familiar with the environment, giving assistance should be avoided because they can get around well. Avoid embarrassing scenarios. Give directions just as you would a person with sight.

Handling mature clients
In a restaurant with different types of clients, the questions asked should be the same because both are clients and the difference is the type of food they eat. They should be addressed with respect, care and concern. Mature clients want young people to respect them and to give them something else is disrespectful.

When dealing with different clients, the treatment should be the same because they are all clients and should be the center of interest in any business.

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