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Canon, Gabrielle. Sorry, Your Gut Bacteria Are Not the Answer to All Your Health Problems. 2014. PDF file. 3 Dec. 2015.

Sorry, Your Gut Bacteria Are Not the Answer to All Your Health Problems

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This article discusses the microbes in the human body. According to the author, the microbes do not harm animals. The article has provided useful information about the interaction of the microbes in the various parts of the body. However, this paper analyzes the interactions that take place in the gut. According to the author, most of the microbes require warm and moist environment, making the gut the suitable environment. Microbes that are found in the gut perform different tasks ranging from digestion to ingestion. This is essential in the development of the immune system of the bodies of organisms. The writers have shed useful information regarding the effects of changes in the bacteria that are found in the gut. In fact, they can interfere with the functions of hormones that have critical roles in the body of organisms. For example, when insulin is affected, appetite and energy may be adversely affected. This implies that a healthy and stable gut community that is essential. The entry of bacteria from feces of a healthy individual is essential in treating antibiotic-resistant diseases. Moreover, they can be useful in resetting obesity-associated metabolic issues. The author of the article asserts that healthy people freeze their individual Popsicle for future use.

This article sheds some useful information regarding the importance of bacteria in the bodies of organisms. Although some people think that they are useless and cause diseases, the author has significantly emphasized the role it plays not only in the gut, but also in other parts of the body. The knowledge the writer provides is important because it helps people to understand that a healthy body requires bacteria. For example, when the gut microbes are stable, the individual’s appetite is normal, and he or she can feed well, improving his or her health status. However, the negative changes might result in a lack of enough energy for the reason that the organisms may be starving due to lack of appetite.

Zhang, Sarah. This Is Your Body on Microbes. 2013. PDF file. 3 Dec. 2015.<>
This article also explores the role of microbes in the body of organisms. According to the article, the number of research conducted regarding bacteria has increased. It has outlined the big companies that have financed gut bacteria studies as well as opening centers in developing foods that interact with microbes. Using the information from the article, it is projected that the international probiotics market will increase rapidly to more than $45 billion before 2018. The importance of bacteria is also sought by the agribusiness firms and how they can help farmers. The writer recognizes the benefits reaped from microbes by the pharma firms. However, the use relationship between microbes and some health aspects has been questioned as the article indicates. The writer expressed doubts about the relationship between mother’s oral hygiene during pregnancy to the health of the newborn. There is confusion between relationship and causation. The worries can threaten support and funding for the studies in the future. There is an increasing popularity of untested and unregulated therapies grounded in microbial research, and it is anticipated that this could pose healthcare threats to the public. Many people are donating huge sums of money who want to gain some knowledge about their individual microbes. The individual results are used in a research project and get insights by comparing the results of the studies to the ones of others.

It is important to state that this an informative article because it contains the benefits and disadvantages of microbes. It has provided useful information concerning the various stakeholders who are interested in understanding the microbes, their benefits, as well as their impacts in the body of organisms. By shedding light regarding the studies that have been conducted shows that people have gained from the earlier studies that have been conducted. The various firms that are involved in the research studies are from diverse sectors, showing that microbes do not benefit particular people. Thus, this article is useful in enlightening people about the importance of bacteria.

  • Canon, Gabrielle. Sorry, Your Gut Bacteria Are Not the Answer to All Your Health Problems.
    2014. PDF file. 3 Dec. 2015.>
  • Zhang, Sarah. This Is Your Body on Microbes. 2013. PDF file. 3 Dec. 2015. <>

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