Environmental Pollution from Automobile Emissions

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Globally, pollution is the one of the most sensitive issues that impacts negatively on the environment. Activists and environmentalists frequently advocate environmental sanity. However, we hardly understand what pollution is. Pollution, according to World Health Organization (WHO), occurs when pollutants contaminate our surrounding and affects the natural state of our environment, consequently, affecting our normal lifestyles drastically.

There are many causes of pollution; however, this essay will explain air pollution caused by automobile emissions. During the combustion, the automobile engine undertakes a chemical reaction that converts chemical energy to mechanical energy. During this process, Automobiles emit non-negligible amount on Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide, Fine Particulate Matter, Sulphur Dioxides, Air toxic, and other elements that are high pollutants of air and water. When these elements suspends in the air as fine particles, in another chemical reaction the particles dissolve in rainwater to make toxic solutions. The toxic solutions rain backs the ground as rainwater, but with adverse health implications. They cause poor photosynthesis to the plants, faster decaying of iron roofing’s, skin diseases among other negative results (West, 2004 pg.39).

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Due to the emissions long run effect on plants, they consequently cause a mild change in climate. The plants inability to make enough food leads to poor plantation cover that causes low rainfall and high temperature.

However, despite the dangerous emissions, automobile has seen to a revolutionary phase of human interaction, communication, and transportation. The danger of the automobile pollutants has are covered by the benefits of the same causing a blind approach to solving this problem. The stakeholders of the revolution have always seen more benefits to the automobiles than the pollution impact that take time to occur.

Despite the evident benefits of the automobiles, the total disregard of its negative impacts is not advisable, for the sake of ecology and a better planet in the future. To affect possible measures to reduce or eliminate pollution from automobiles, every individual must employ restraint so as not to disrupt the economic lives of the people.

Following the immense need to protect our environment, I would suggest a number of possible solutions to the catastrophe. Firstly, all governments should pass a bill banning cars without lead filters. Lead filters are chemical setups in the exhaust pipes that convert the unstable elements to stable one, less polluting, before they release them to the atmosphere. Lead filters will help reduce the dangers of having toxic elements in our environments. Secondly, the government should introduce an incentive to help individual purchase electrical cars. Electrical cars, like Tesla Model and Tesla Roadster, can be an appropriate substitute for fuel power cars. Thirdly, the government should introduce common means of transport for all citizens in town centers. Such initiative will minimize the number of vehicles in town centers, where most of the pollution occurs. Lastly, the third world countries should also be encouraged to trade the fuel-powered trains with the most recent, electrical trains.

As an elite, who understands the danger of unmanned pollution I will join hand with fellow environmentalists to campaign for our environmental sanity. I will also use media to educate the masses why it is our responsibility. According to the Late Wangari Mathai, a Nobel Prize winner and an environmentalist, the most logical argument in environmental summit is, ‘why should we care? Pollution has always been there, and we will not be there when the long-term impacts occur.’ She replied, ‘We all have a moral responsibility to succeed, if we set our mind to improving our world, we will find joy in achieving it’ (Royal Media, 2002, pg. 14).

The abrupt changes in our environment and the continued global warming influenced my perception of the automobiles pollution. I might not do much at the individual level, but I will advocate sanity in our activities.

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