“Free Trade At Last” Outline

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I. Introduction
A. The political cartoon, “Free Trade At Last” works to show the troubled dichotomy between what free trade means and what we actually see as free trade. In order for the individual to best understand the cartoon, they will need to understand what NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Association, is, what their role in trade is, and the same for the WTO, the World Trade Organization. By understanding the role of each of these organizations and the correlation between the two, it will be possible for the individual to grasp the full implications of the cartoon, presented in such a way as to show all of the different associated factors with international trade.

II. Benefits of Free Trade
A. The benefits of free trade, as detailed by the cartoon, indicate the benefits to free trade for corporate America, working to make the fat cats of corporate even fatter, increasing profits and increasing the size of the corporations.

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III. Downsides
A. The downsides shown by the cartoon are many, including negatives for both workers abroad in the form of “slave wages and zero worker’s rights,” and for U.S. workers in the form of “massive layoffs and vanishing worker rights” (Today in Social Sciences, 2011).

IV. Conclusion
A. While free trade, in practice, appears to be a good idea, the actuality of what is referred to as free trade today only works to benefit corporate America, working to hurt and hinder those it was originally designed to assist, shackling foreign workers to their jobs and providing a means of further beating down U.S. workers in their goal for financial freedom.

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