Healthy People 2020

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Improvement of the aggregate health of a place requires identification of various topics that are of concern to the health issue. The topics identity should be consistence with the data collected when researching on the health issue of the given place. The paper discusses two topics that are the priority for improving the health of an aggregate within Nassau County in New York.

Nassau County comprises of different ethnic groups which include; Hispanians, nonHispanians, Native Americans, and Asians. The health level of the county is ranked 20 above other counties in terms of healthy and quality life. However, the obesity rate in Nassau County is very high approximated to be 20% that is close to the overall percentage of obesity in New York, which is 24%. Thus, the topics that are the priority for the health improvement are behavior change on eating habits and change of lifestyle.

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Obesity is brought about by the eating habits and the lifestyle of a human being. The fact remains that; people have different habits when it comes to consumption of food. Many people eat to satisfy the craving for a particular meal while others eat for the better part of their health. Moreover, another group of people eats since their body demands to refill after handling different tasks. However, the eating lifestyle of the three groups of people lack ethics related to consumption hence the topic behavior change (, n.d). The point is that; many people go for fast foods to save time and also to enjoy a good meal as many would refer to it. However, there are fewer individuals who have any idea of what kind of impact that they food they eat, has on their body. Chances are, the most cases that occur due to food are obesity related cases. As earlier stated, Nassau County has the highest level of obesity. However, the larger percentage does not have the relevant argument of what causes the problem.

However, there is various evidence of disciplinary initiatives that address the menace thus creating an improvement of the aggregate health. According to the Health people 2020, (, n.d), there are approaches to curbing the health disparities. The foremost initiative is dubbed the “Health-Related Quality of Life & Well-Being”. The primary concept of the initiative is the enhancement of a relative and manageable population in terms of health through the change of lifestyle (HHS, Healthy People 2020, 2012). The initiative applies to the topics above in that, the change of lifestyle will enhance the creation of a healthy population through the understanding of proper feeding habits and thus, control occurrences such as obesity.

Moreover, the topics identified priority to improvement of the aggregate population is related to how people eat and behave after eating. The types of infections that occur due to the feeding habits and lifestyle are mostly referred to as chronic diseases (Wurzbach, 2002). Thus, another initiative that addresses the health disparities is the cause analysis. The fact remains that, the chronic illnesses are not brought about by consumption of all types of food. Rather, there is the specific type of foods that are related to the chronic diseases. Hence, the cause analysis initiative addresses the menace in that; the research digs deep to look into the various causes of various infections, develop a way to handle them and hence address the health disparities.

Also, there are certain elements of a health promotion or disease prevention plan. These elements include the; building of a good and healthy environment, health disparities free community, broad quality clinical services, injury free living and a chronic diseases free community. These elements explain the impacts of the initiatives to deal with the health disparities thus being classified as health promoting and disease elimination elements.

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