Illegal Organ Trade Argument

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In October 2015, Al Jazeera published a revealing article about the illegal market for kidneys. In the article, some of the participants in the market were interviewed, revealing their practices and the general dynamics of the industry. After reading the article and evaluating the situation, I support the selling of illegal organs, as long as the demand exists and the selling is voluntary. The illegal market meets a fundamental health need in today’s society, and it is economically beneficial for both the brokers and the donors, who would otherwise struggle to support themselves in poor countries. Plus, the donors are not exploited; rather, they are treated well when donating their kidneys.

The main reason I support the selling of illegal organs is that it can significantly improve health outcomes for the recipient of the organ. As mentioned in the article, organ replacement can treat many kidney-related health conditions that are becoming increasingly common, like diabetes and high blood pressure. Without the donated kidney, patients with these conditions are constantly forced to undergo kidney dialysis, which is highly inconvenient and can damage their quality of life. Although it would be ideal for the trade to be legal, existing laws and cultural practices make that impossible, so the illegal trade is the best way for these patients to get the health care they need.

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Next, the illegal trade can improve the economic circumstances of both brokers and kidney donors. In the article, the Indian broker who calls himself Vikas can make anywhere from fifty thousand to eighty thousand rupees per donor, leading to more than half a million rupees per year. Because he dropped out of school, his only other option would be working on his family farm, an occupation that he did not enjoy and that would not produce nearly as much income. Similarly, the donors of kidneys also come from developing countries in South Asia, where more lucrative work is not always available.

While some argue that kidney donors are being exploited, the article reveals that they are treated well throughout the donation process. The brokers take care of their travel documents, put them up in luxury hotels or apartments, and even travel with them to make sure that they are comfortable. Plus, kidney donation does not damage the long-term health of the donor, so they can return home within a month after the donation. Therefore, as long as the donor is willing, the illegal market is not exploitative of the donors.

To summarize, I support the illegal organ trade, as long the demand exists and the selling is voluntary, as described in the Al Jazeera article. Rather than being an exploitative practice, it actually meets critical patient health needs and serves the financial interests of the donors and the brokers. With no chance for a legal market on the horizon, the illegal market remains the best option.

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