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Israel Struggles to Contain Terror Attacks

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As Israeli security forces struggles to contain a dozens of Arab stabbing attacks on civilians and soldiers alike, unrest that erupted several weeks over at Jerusalem’s holy site erupted in a steam of violence on Monday to Gaza. Gaza, of course, is the widely disputed land that Israel and Palestine have been fighting over for decades. The issue spans all the way back to the 1970s, and we are seeing an unprecedented level of hatred between both sides. The escalation that we are seeing today may lead to war tomorrow if the unrest is not dealt with. The U.S.’ decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem may have gaslighted this complex problem between Israel and Palestine.

The Palestinian attacks have been outsourced by the Islamic militant group, Hamas, since the very first incident began. Hamas has been deemed a terrorist organization by the U.S. and Israel. The U.S. has tried to position itself against Hamas, but the group’s presence in the region seems to be increasing even when the U.S. seems to finally be bringing about some sort of stability. The Palestinians rolled burning tires against the territory of the Israeli troops and threw rocks and them on the frontier. Many in the UN have tried to downplay this, as they have stated that the Palestinians and Israelis are both are fault for the tensions.

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According to the Israeli military, “more than a thousand rioters infiltrated the buffer zone engaging the forces at the security fence.” Moreover, when the rioters finally reached the fence, they hurled grenades and rocks at the Israeli forces and tried to break the fence down and invade the communities. The Israeli troops in response fired warning shots, but then were forced to fire at the main actors to deter any further advancement by the invaders. The Palestinian Health Ministry said that they killed six Palestinians and wounded dozens. Unfortunately, this method to deter will only attract future protestors in the future and stoke an already hot flame that is presiding between Palestine and Israel. One needs to understand the situation at hand; the Israeli soldiers have young boys charging at them, and are forced to shoot at them if they feel like they are threatening their communities. The young boys did not know any better, as this has been what they are taught at a very young age. Both groups have been taught to hate each other, and it is this fact that has hurt the relations between both countries

Very recently, Israel has seen an uptick in attacks by young boys wielding kitchen knives, screwdrivers, and vegetable peelers. The youth did not have any link to Hamas or any group, and they were considered to be targeting randomly rather than selectively targeting. The youths were younger than normal, and this may have thrown the Israeli authorities off.

Soon thereafter, Israeli citizens started to attack Arabs in revenge. Once citizen in Dimona stabbed 4 Arabs while killing one of them. These revenge attacks stem from the Israeli fear of a Palestinian intifada, or an uprising, which they believe would try to topple Israel and take control of the entire region. While this may be the boogeyman of a lot of Israelis, there is no doubt that Palestine holds an animus directly fixated on Israel and Judaism. The violence is only getting worse, however, as a 14 year old Israeli was arrested by using a kitchen utensil to attack a Palestinian, a Palestinian was shot and killed at a settlement, and an Arab woman was shot and wounded while attempting to partake in a bus stabbing.

Meanwhile, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has applauded these attacks, and Israel PM Netanyahu has called the attacks terrorism. While both leaders of Israel and Palestine have tried to ease tensions, the situation is getting out of control and they find it harder to control them as the days go on. Arabs often complain about citizenship rights in Israel and see themselves discriminated against. The unrest will only continue as long as both of these countries continue to scowl and scream at each other rather than talk to each other and come up with a true solution.

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