Make Shift Shelter: Architecture And The Failure Of Global Systems

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Over the past few years, the world has been going through a breakdown in global systems. These disasters have in return architecture as people lack safe secure shelter, clean drinking water and proper nutrition. Architecture faces a huge problem as the land experience chemical degradation which results in the changing environments which eventually make foundations weak. Natural disasters, preventable disasters, and manmade disasters have had a big impact on architecture. Some areas of the world are very prone to natural disasters, which do not give a chance for recovery of many structures.

A number of buildings have also been neglected and have slowly started to give way. The harsh economic times have led many architects to go back to school and specialize as studio design instructors. Many of the architectural buildings have been abandoned in the last few years. Millions of people flee their homes due to terrorism, as a result of the attacks, many of the buildings are left destroyed. Since most of the homes in America are bank owned they are mostly unoccupied due to evictions after the tenants failed to pay up on the mortgages. The houses remain empty as the number of the homeless continues to go up (Stephen, 2012).
Design Studies
In architecture, sketching is very important but is also a complicated course. The final sketch should relate to the outcome. Unfortunately, this is not what normally happens in architecture. Students are taught how to incorporate visual techniques and inspiration expressions into creative thinking when coming up with a design. The computer has helped the new generation in coming up with new and improved designs that many home owners love. Their designs express what they feel and the designs end up with quality textures. Design studies polish the sketching skills and helps relate well with design cognition, which is crucial when to producing high quality sketches (Dorst, 2006).

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Egyptian informatics journal
E government is supposed to be a tool that grows citizen’s trust and poise in their leadership. It has given the citizens the choice to use modern way or remain using the traditional ones. However, technology too has contributed to this. Internet has helped how the e-government works and has made it more convenient for most people to achieve their expectations. This method works by citizens contacting the government whenever they have issues. Since the public can easily reach their government, they can easily propose they type of architectural designs they would most likely want to be constructed (David, 2012).

This has helped Egypt create homes that are the citizen’s choice which are appreciated by its citizens. Unlike the U.S, housing in Egypt is affordable. The houses are usually designed to house many of the members of the family since they usually live as a clan. Architecture has also been heavily invested in as Egypt host many tourist architectural sites that also brings them a lot of income. This grows their economy at a faster rate and also helps them maintain the many historical sites that are found in Egypt. In return, many architects strive their best to build buildings that are of the highest standards (Elkadi, 2013.

I however came through a journal named microelectronic engineering but the journal spoke more on Nano fabrications, 3D integration, plasma processing and micros. The information it entails gives more information about construction of the buildings. It does not give proper focus on the architecture details which are the core factors of this paper.

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