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Monet, Renoir, and La Grenouillère

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La Grenouillère was placed on Seine. It was a boating and bathing place. The location of this spot was favorable for showing the beauty of suburbs of Paris. In the 1860s, Impressionism gained its depth and dominance. The reason why Renoir and Monet chose this place and position for depicting La Grenouillère is to embrace the depth of impression that the painters wanted to advance in a new manner.

The perspective that Renoir chose for La Grenouillère was not common for the 1860s. Brush strokes seemed broken, the play of colors and light deemed, the breadth of the range of shades changed. The change of perspective from land-to-water to water-to-land gave a wide range of opportunities. This evolution of the art in the hands of an artist were the attempts to reach a certain visual effect to unfold impression.

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Likewise, Monet chose the same location to make another breakthrough as well. Monet’s Bathing at La Grenouillère had a new palette of colored pigments; and it was finished in a very short term. The change of perspectives made a similar effect on Monet’s drawings of La Grenouillère. He tried to shift the emphasis of his work to reach the “effect of an all-overanimation” (169). To succeed in this, Monet reorganized his composition.

None of the artists had in mind going, painting, and revolutionizing the art itself. They went to the bank of the Seine to make sketches for salon paintings. They lacked resources to turn sketches into big paintings, but their painting became big meaning the significance of the development of impressionism. The authors saw the potential of this style as well as the changed perspective of frame that defined scenery. Both authors made a reasoned choice of perspective in order to show or not to show certain details around. The perspective highlights their personality and character. They chose the serenity of leisure and rest, nature in the combination of its elements, and different perspective to make a new impression.