My Grandfather

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Ever since I was a child, my grandfather has been my favorite member of the family. I always saw him as an idol and aspired to one day be just like him. Whenever I have questions or need advice with something, he is always the one that I consult because he is the one I most trust
and because he always has great ideas whenever I ask him. He has worked hard his entire life and I really admire his motivation, tenacity, and work ethic. He never gave up even when times were tough and I always try to remember that whenever I get into a similar situation.

He has taught me that anything is possible with hard work, honesty, and dedication. I also admire him because he is very straightforward and always speaks his mind, even if this means hurting someone’s feelings. I have learned that hearing the truth is always better and that we all need a “reality check” sometimes. My grandfather has also grown wise through his many experiences because he has lived in many different regions, which has taught him about different cultures and how to appreciate people from all walks of life. In this paper, I will provide a biography of my grandfather’s life and how certain experiences have made him the wonderful man that he is. In addition, I will explain the ways in which he has had a profound impact on my life.

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My grandfather was born in the late 1930s in one of the deserts of Kuwait, where he lived for nine years. He lived what many would call a nomadic lifestyle, where he would move from one place to another every few weeks. People in the past migrated like this in search of water and grass because their main diet came from camel and sheep. In order to keep the animals healthy, people had to move around in order to keep the animals fed and hydrated. People survived by drinking camels’ and sheep’s’ milk, eating their meat, and making tints and clothes from their hides and wool. It was by no means a glamorous lifestyle; in fact, it was quite harsh at times, but my grandfather always told me that this type of early upbringing made him into the man he is today.

When my grandfather was seven years old, his father (along with his mother) decided to move to move away from the desert and to the big city of Kuwait City in pursuit of a job. He left my grandfather in the desert with my uncles, in hopes that they would teach him everything they know. He knew that he would be very busy in the city, which would not leave him much time to devote to my grandfather. In addition, his father thought that the city was not safe, too tempting, and could never give my grandfather the foundation that he felt was important for life. It may have seemed like a cruel thing, but back then, it was important that a young boy learns the harshness of life so that he can be tough and be prepared for the “real word.” At the time, this was thought to be best with all other men and in the desert, away from the big cities.

Life was not easy with my grandfather’s uncles, as they were very harsh with him. He was doing a lot of manual labor, like walking the camels, making clothes, and carrying heavy loads. He also really missed his mother, even though she did come visit him from time to time. My grandfather told me a story about a time when he got lost in the desert with his camels. Every day, he took the camels to find grass after sunrise, and then he would return before sunset. One day, after going on a long journey to find grass with the camels, he became lost. Sunset came quickly and he knew that trying to find his way back in the dark was very dangerous. His uncles had always taught him that if this were to happen, he must stay put until sunrise. He had no choice but to spend a long cold night alone with his camels.

On that night, he was sleeping next to his father’s camel, named Amrah, when suddenly he was awakened in the middle of the night by a huge wolf that standing just feet away from him. The wolf was staring straight at him and at one point even tried to charge at my grandfather. Luckily, he always carried a torch and when he lit it on fire and came close to the wolf, it scared him off and he eventually ran away. Amrah also stood by my grandfather’s size and was ready to defend him from the wolf. The next morning he was able to find his way and made it back to the camp safely. After that experience, he and Amrah became very close and never left each other’s side until my grandfather moved away. My grandfather stated that it taught him to love and appreciate animals, which is something he passed on to me. He also learned to fend for himself and that even of fear is staring you straight in the face, you have the power to overcome it. I always remember his story when I am in a similar situation.

After my grandfather turned thirteen years old, he moved with his family to Kuwait City and joined the Alahmady School. His father did not like the school because his son spent all day studying without earning any money. In those days, it was expected that children would work and help out with family finances. His father told him several times to leave the school and work with him in the store, but my grandfather loved school. He was defiant in this way because he refused to give up his dream of getting an education. He was very good in mathematics and science and hoped to one day use these skills to find a good job. After he graduated from middle school, he went to work in the store with his father. He ended up loving business and when his father retired, he bought the business from him and then resold it for a higher price.

In 1964, my grandfather married my grandmother and then in 1965 my father was born. In 1966, he got a job working at KNPC (Kuwait National Petroleum Company). His main job duty was fixing machines in the company. Although he liked his job, he had higher aspirations for himself. He wanted to move up in the company and away from hands-on labor to the business aspect of the company. Because he was such a good employee and his bosses recognized his superior math skills, he was moved to Financial Management after two years. He worked very hard and many long hours, according to my father, who remembers not seeing much of his father during that time. After a few years; however, his hard worked paid off when he decided to leave the company in 1971 and start his own business, which was a garage for fixing cars. The business grew quickly and in a matter of two years, he opened another garage. Ten years after that, he opened a company for fixing cars with street service. It was not always easy, my grandfather stated, but it was all worth it in the end. He stated that his humble beginnings gave him a solid foundation to be able to handle anything life brought him. Also, his motivation to go to school (despite his father’s objections) also gave him the tools and skills necessary to get a good job. His dedication in his business (despite some lost time with family) also paid off because it made him a lot of money and secured his family.

My grandfather had many experiences in his life, which were not always the most pleasant. He lived in the desert in a poor community without his family’s care, but now as he looks back on it, he knows that everything happened for a reason. He was able to rise above all adversity and build himself up from nothing. Today, my grandfather is retired and relaxing in his farm. He is my hero and I hope to one day follow in his footsteps.

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