Nurse Manager Career Pathway

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Just like any other professionals, nurses seek career growth and advancement. Most nurses wish to climb up the career ladder to top management levels. The nursing career starts at the entry level, where registered nurses enter the field after completing a two-year associate degree or diploma, or after a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing. After joining the profession, one can climb up the ladder to positions of management. This essay describes the essential qualifications, preparation, and documentation necessary for one to become a nurse manager.

Nurse Managers supervise nursing units in hospitals or clinics. Supervising entails directing the nursing staff, overseeing patient care, and making important management and budget decisions. Nurse Managers, therefore, need to be qualified and registered nurses to understand and direct the roles and duties of their subordinates. In addition, they need to be experienced in patient care to be able to oversee and direct the function in their nursing units. The role of making management and budget decisions require nurse managers to have good management and business skills. Nurse Managers need to have good communication skills to communicate with all concerned people. They should also be people of integrity to earn the trust and respect of their juniors.

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The preparation of nurse managers involves exposing them to competencies necessary to manage the business and clinical activities of their nursing units. Nurse Managers in all positions of management need to be knowledgeable and skilled, and so it is important for aspiring nurse managers to attain the relevant education and training. Aspiring nurse managers should also look for ways to add supervisory responsibilities in their day to day roles to prepare themselves for management positions.

There are no specific documents necessary for registered nurses to become a nurse manager. Experienced nurses without a degree in nursing but with good leadership and business skills can become nurse managers. However, completing a bachelor’s degree in nursing exposes nurses to legal, business and financial skills which are necessary in making management and budget decisions. In addition, the Certified Nurse Manager and Leader (CNML) credential is important as it helps aspiring nurse managers validate their knowledge.

The nursing profession has chances for career advancement like all other professions. It starts when registered nurses enter the field at the entry level. Experienced and knowledgeable nurses have the chance to become nurse managers. The role of nurse manager requires skills such as communication, integrity, and business skills, in addition to knowledge and experience in nursing. Aspiring nurse managers need to expose themselves to supervisory roles to prepare them for management positions. They need to have the relevant documentation, such as a degree in nursing, or the CNML credential, in addition to the documentation of their registration as nurses.

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