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Phenomena of Nursing Interest and the DNP

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Nursing phenomenon has been defined as “a type of factor influencing health status with the specific characteristics: Aspect of health of relevance to nursing practice.” Nursing phenomena of interest involves several dimensions involving the person, environment, health aspects, and characteristic of the nurse and her practice. Essentially, phenomenal relate to all area of human functioning as an individual, member of a family system, community participant not only as these are affected by the medical or biological environment but also as effected by “normal” environments made up of norms, beliefs, attitudes and public health policy (International Classification for Nursing Practice [ICNP], n.d., para. 1).

This means that the definition of nursing phenomena may differ from one nurse to another in terms of how they define their approach and the patient’s needs. Some specific conceptualization of nursing phenomena of interest may include seeing phenomena as : A dynamic process in which individuals are helped in obtaining their maximum level well-being within their potential for functioning; To facilitate patient adjustment during times of illness as well as times of health in order to prevent further illness and; To aid patients in achieving their own therapeutic self-care behaviors.

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The DNP utilizes the concept of nursing phenomena to inform the identification and exploration of issues in need of change through establishing methods to isolate areas of interest. These methods include identifying targets of change through reflections on areas of expertise which cause certain cases and practice experiences that become salient, examining research on areas of interest to identify specific variables that may not have been examined at all or in specific populations, observing the practice setting to determine in something is in need of altering to better serve patients and health care provision.

These methods can be used to explore broad areas of need which can then be narrowed down by identifying what is already known about the topic using this to identify what is not known. An important part of exploring phenomena of interest is to question why each is important. There are always many aspects within a nursing patient care that can be changed. It is important, however, to ensure the issue of focus makes a meaningful change for patient outcomes and the patient/provider relationship (Moran, & Burson, 2016).

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