Poetry Seminar

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‘Good afternoon everybody and thank you for accepting our invitation into this seminar. Often, people say that poems are too flashy. However, for me, poetry is one of the most challenging and interesting section of literature. Poets build their poems from the world around us and as result, it gives people an opportunity to look at the world from a different view. Generally, poems offer sheer freedom of understanding and interpretation. The poem ‘Wanna Be White’ was written by Charmaine Papertalk, renowned poet. The poem revolves around the theme of discrimination and brings out the suffering of the targeted individuals. Discrimination in terms of race or gender make people suffer in the society.

In this poem, the poet brings out male chauvinism and shows that women are not appreciated as they should in the society. The author feels that there is a barrier between the whites and people with African origins. His assumption is that the Whites are superior than the blacks and thus are given higher priority in life. The poet uses various techniques and devices to convey his information. For instance, he uses imagery to present the subject matter and create a better understanding of the situation.

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Kids, husband clothes and cars are imagery techniques used by the poet to show discrimination and superiority between whites and blacks in the society. The use of repetition is also evident. The words ‘He Said’ is used repetitively in the poem. Moreover, the poet uses short sentences as a good indicator of straight-forwardness. Words ‘My husband’ leave the reader in suspense. Lastly, the use such words as ‘My’ is an evidence that the poets plays the role of a character creating some sense if reality in the poem. Moreover, this ensures that poem is not just a story but a recapture.

In conclusion, the poet’s perceptions that her husband left in search of greener pastures, denotes the existence of discrimination in the society. For him, whit people are prioritized in life based on their skin colour.’

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