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Consumers want to have high quality products. They do not want to buy products that work improperly or that fall apart after minimal usage. At the production level, there are many different things that can cause failures in quality. The main reasons for failures in quality are Man, Machine, Management, Material, Maintenance, Environment, Method, and Review. The category Man encompasses problems with quality that are derived from the manpower that is behind the product. It includes things such as having a shortage of employees and overworked employees.

For example, if there are not enough employees, there will probably be corners cut in the production process which leads to imperfections. The category Machine encompasses problems that come about from failures related to the machinery and equipment used in production. For instance, having outdated machinery may run poorly and may damage products in production. Management can also cause problems with quality. Problems with management include unskilled management and management that plays favorites. For example, if management chooses to keep one of their friends working, even though they are making many mistakes with quality, there will be problems.

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The various problems with quality can be addressed, however. For instance, with problems with quality stemming from the Man category, organizations could correct them by making sure they have a better labor force. This could include having more employees, better trained employees, and more motivated employees. Quality problems stemming from the Machine category could be corrected by the organization employing up-to-date machinery, proper machinery, and allowing for proper maintenance of machinery. For problems stemming from poor management, organizations could invest in education for their management and hire managers with great experience.