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Professional Teaching Standards

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As long as the teachers’ role in society is significant, the burden of responsibility requires division and management. The InTASC Standards (2011) provide all the participants of an educational process with necessary information on how to achieve good results and bring no harm. Teachers should be prepared, evaluated, supported, and rewarded – these are the features of professional qualification. The key themes mentioned in the InTASC Standards (2011) include the notion of learning and learners themselves, educational content, instructional practices, and professional responsibility of educators.

Nowadays, the focus shifts from universal strategies to personalized approaches. The InTASC Standards (2011) suggest that paying more attention to the learners with a range of individual needs and peculiarities is needed. Personalized learning has already proved itself as a successful educational method: all possible levels of diversity should be taken into account. Also, a stronger focus on the use of knowledge and skills should be made, as theory alone is not enough. To perform effectively, teachers must develop a deeper understanding of their own skills and frames of reference. According to InTASC Standards (2011), teachers need to know “how to develop a range of assessments, how to balance the use of formative and summative assessment as appropriate, and how to use assessment data to understand each learner’s progress” (p. 4). Technological expertise, ethics, the ability to establish relations with colleagues, learners, and their families are the issues of primary importance. Both academic and global skills matter nowadays – the teachers are responsible for their equitable development. Collaborative professional culture and understanding of what a true leadership is will help teachers to share responsibilities with other people interested in learners’ progress. Therefore, the growth will be more tangible. Although the expectations for teachers are higher, the results will be better, as well.

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The InTASC Teaching Standards (2011) establish a new educational paradigm, improve the learning environment, and create a new infrastructure of support and motivation for all professionals that are involved.

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