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Pygmalion Essay

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The play had an ambivalent end, which left the audience frustrated. Below is an alternative ending of the play Pygmalion.

Scene: Inside a laboratory located on Wimpole Street. Eliza decided to bring in a student of her own after getting in a fight with Higgins. Higgins thought that the case was not even worth trying to fix because he had met the man a few weeks ago. He is shocked by the fact that Eliza has improved his speech and decided to discuss the situation with Eliza after Eliza sends her student home.

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Higgins: Am surprised that you taught that student on your own.
Eliza: Remember you are not the only teacher.
Higgins: I am sure Pickering had a hand in it.
Eliza: I know it will shock you, but I solely did it (Interrupted by Higgins)
Higgins: I thought we had settled all our past differences.
Eliza: (furiously) who on earth says something awful then expects to be forgiven by a mere apology.
Higgins: Am surprised (Backing away from Eliza).
Eliza: You only treated me better for one day only to get back to your initial insults. That is what made me eavesdrop your lesson with Harry.
Higgins: (Angrily) what made you do that?
Eliza: Because you always pay attention to only those that matter to you. You think that you are invincible and free from any completion?
Higgins: (Murmuring) I love you.
Eliza: (Surprised) what do you mean?
Higgins: I love you (strolling towards Eliza) you are the only person besides my mother who respects and has always been honest with me.
Eliza: Higgins? I love you too, and I will love you more if you start appreciating me more.
Higgins: I Understand. Eliza? (Silence)
Eliza: Yes? (Moving closer to Higgins)
Higgins: I am sorry (the two then smile at each.)