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Social Psychology & Prejudice: Article Review

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Josh Pasek, a professor of communication at the University of Michigan, writing on The New York Times website, takes a look at racism in light of President Obama’s election and re-election as well as several recent high-profile cases. In his article “Maybe the Same Prejudice. Definitely Not Less.,” Pasek writes as part of series on “Racism in the Age of Obama.” He discusses how President Obama’s election and re-election reveals that racial tensions still exist in America, rather than suggesting that racism and racial tensions have decreased, suggesting that prejudice is still very present in this country. Pasek highlights how anti-black attitudes persist in this country, and that the notion of “post-racism” only enables prejudiced people to freely express those prejudices. He also mentions these things in light of the Trayvon Martin and Renisha McBride cases. Pasek claims that these cases, plus the context of the President, demonstrate how race is still a large issue. He concludes that our awareness of race may have expanded but it hasn’t decreased racism.

Pasek’s article suggests that prejudice is still a huge problem in this country. It reveals a lot about social psychology – how different groups relate to one another and how their beliefs influence them and how they behave towards other. Prejudice is a negative belief and causes people to think and behave negatively towards others. This article supports that notion. Unfortunately, awareness of the prejudice does not correct, and the idea of post-racism just seems to mean prejudice is even more pronounced and vocal.
Pasek, Josh. “Maybe the Same Prejudice. Definitely Not Less.”

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