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Sources for Healthcare Crisis

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For any research paper, one needs to collect the proper sources early in the project. A search on the internet produces a massive amount of results. However, it is important to analyze the data to determine the reliability and the quality of the material. In this research paper on the current health care crisis, a large amount of data was examined. Two of the sources that will be utilized include an article entitled The Price of False Beliefs: Unrealistic Expectations as a Contributor to the Health Care Crisis. The author is Dr. Steven Woolf. It was published in The Annals of Family Medicine in 2012. This was published in a peer-reviewed journal. Peer-reviewed sources offer reliable, accurate and relevant material. The author discusses the actual source of the health care crisis: the decision to utilize health care services. This particular view creates an aspect of the crisis which tends not to be examined frequently. The author examines multiple dimensions of this trend. This creates an unbiased view.

A second source that is not peer-reviewed is an interview with Dr. Marcia Angell, the editor-in chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. PBS conducted the interview. PBS is a widely respected source of news on a variety of topics. The New England Journal of Medicine is one of the most respected medical journals in the world. Obviously, Dr. Angell is qualified to discuss the topic. She examines the topic from a variety of angles, thus ensuring non-bias. This interview allows a highly qualified individual in the medical field to comment on what she has noticed regarding the health care crisis. She discusses the health disparity between the United States and other industrialized nations.

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All sources are being properly documented as they are discovered and determined to be adequate. If an exceptional quote is noted, such as something that clearly defines the problem, the quote is being kept in a separate document. Obviously, not all quotes will be used. The use of paraphrasing occurs when there is a need to restate something to more clearly define it. Summarizing occurs as a need to abridge a large amount of data due to space restrictions. As the topic develops with the use of data, further insight is being added to bridge data from one source with information from another source.