Sources Of Innovation

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There are various sources of innovation that are applied in various industries. The most common sources of innovation include

New Knowledge
Presence of gaps created by needs
Structural and functional change of the place of existence

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New knowledge is one of the powerful tools that triggers the process of evolution in an individual or entity. This is because this knowledge increase the scope of thinking of an individual because it is one of the main causes of an increase in the number of opportunities that exist in the society. For instance, the technological evolutions experienced in the world are inspired by the new knowledge that is constantly presenting itself in the global society.

Environment is essential in the innovation process. This is because the environment plays a big roles towards dictating the cultural perspective and the mindset that can inspire a change process. For example, existing in environment that embrace creativity is likely to inspire innovations and the discovery of new ways of approaching issues.

The presence of gaps in the society is one of the major sources of innovation. For example, the business industry is always in the forefront to produce products that are customized to the needs of the society in order to enhance satisfaction and acquire a competitive advantage. Most of the innovative products creatively fill the gaps that exist in the society.

The structural changes within an organization can trigger the innovative processes. This is because this may require a reorientation of the whole environment in order to be consistent with the new structural perspective of the organization. For example, updating the operation of an organization into the use of information systems is likely to trigger high levels of innovation to assist the members of the organization cope with the new advancements and eliminate any resistance to the change that may emerge.

Perception is very powerful towards creativity. This entails the mindset alignment and the existence of an individual in positive environment towards innovation is likely inspire the engagement of a positive mood towards innovation. For example, companies thrive and excel in multicultural environments through the inspiration of a positive cultural transformation among the members to embrace and appreciate other people as a key motivational tool.

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