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Technology’s Negative Effect On People’s Lives

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In the current era, everything can be done by using technology. From computers, cellphones to robotic waiters and doctors; everything seems to revolve around technology. On one hand the technology has made our lives easier and less time consuming while on the other hands it has negatively impacted our lives. Not only humans, but the technology is leaving negative impact on the whole plant.

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Negative impacts of technology
With so many other negative effects, technology has given us pollution. Our surroundings have become full of pollutants and toxins that are resulting in harmful and unbelievable diseases that not even existed years back. Day by day increasing cases of cancer, eye diseases, throat and ear infection, lack of sleep etc. are some of the negative effects that technology is leaving on people’s life.

Our lives have become short of social interaction and in my view, it is the biggest negativity that technology is spreading among us. Kids don’t play outside anymore, friends don’t hang out anymore, families don’t eat together or talk to each other even when they are sitting together because all they want is play station, Wi-Fi, smart phones, Facebook etc. If we see in a way, technology has taken the true meaning of life from us and is slowly converting us in to robots.

If we see around us, kids are fighting with each other, neighbors are fighting with each other and even countries are fighting with each other. The background cause of increase violence is technology. It has depleted humans from social acknowledgement and boundaries and have increased violence. Technology is altering the minds of people through games, media and social posts to think that violence is a norm.

Those who are in favor of increased usage of technology present a counterclaim that technology has improved medical care, job opportunities, social interactions through online contact and has turned the world in to a global village etc. I agree with all these facts but logically speaking, the negative impacts of technology surpass the positive ones with a huge margin.