The Differences Between Assimilation, Pluralism, and Separatism

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Part 1
According to Farley, assimilation is the process whereby the minority group adapts to the customs and cultures of the dominating group that is in terms of language, beliefs and ways of life. The minority group may abandon their cultures and get fused into the cultures of the dominating group due to its cultural superiority and influence. On the hand, separatism is the ideology of a particular group or groups to cut off from the majority. This may as a result of political, cultural or religious reasons. The separist groups may seek autonomy in their existence and practices. Pluralism is the act of different groups coexisting while each group is maintaining its cultural identity and diversity. Each group has its unique structure of either political, religious or cultural beliefs hence taking a unique place in the society. This builds a diverse, multicultural society.

Part 2
White privilege are the benefits or advantages that the white people have over the other races which are deemed to be inferior. This privilege exists in the western countries where the white people are the dominating group. The advantages may range from socioeconomic to cultural benefits. This leads to the oppression of the minority groups. The emerging themes are focused against the white privilege. The less advantaged groups always find themselves on the receiving end. They, therefore, make efforts to counter this oppression. This may be done by forming movements that negotiate on their behalf agitating for equality and fairness.

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I, therefore, concur with the respective arguments of the different authors. This is in line with their candid discussions about the issues affecting the underprivileged in a white dominated society. Pluralism, assimilation, and separatism come out in an explicit manner in the world today. As seen on different occasions, people have been integrated into other societies, others have been embraced positively while others have been separated.

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