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Microsoft is a computer technology corporation that began in the early years of 1975. It was founded by Bill Gates and his business partner Paul Allen. The best-selling products are the Window Operating System and Microsoft Office (Bailey, 1). Microsoft came up with a wide range of products for computing devices, which assist in the world all round. Since the development of Microsoft, a very strong history that is devoted to improving the livelihood of people has been witnessed. Over the years Microsoft has taken people by surprise as it has dropped in sales and profit, a sign that the technical gurus are still trying to find their way back after the PC era came to an end. Positive results were expected from some changes the CEO Satya has been making (Bailey, 1). Instead, Microsoft’s revenues have been decreasing day in day out. It is reported that this decline in sales and profits comes about because of how the individuals use technology. The aim of this paper is to discuss how marginal Microsoft has become in the competitive computer industry and the factors that have contributed to its fall from dominance.

Most of the customers abandon the element of buying the programs to install their computers and instead use more software online. Jobs are being cut down because very few people are buying PCs that run on the Intel processors and they are opting to go for portable devices which include tablets and smartphones. Research shows that Microsoft failed to distinguish that it is not just about the existing software but the impact of any worthwhile development. Most people highly recognized the rise of the touch-screen technology, but Microsoft did not seem to pay much attention to the new technology in the market. It also missed the importance of social networking, for example, Facebook and Twitter. Microsoft introduced the smartphones later on in the market but by the time they did, other companies were a step ahead, and they had already taken over.

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This did not have as much impact as it had many years ago when it had put up the PC business into place. Analysts state that the fall of Microsoft is part of improvement and a natural progression for all companies. This shows that Microsoft overemphasized on their already existing business and it failed to develop new technologies which would lead to a profitable business. Most of the talented software engineers left the company since the opportunity to grow and develop their talent had been diminished. They opted for a better lifestyle and more interesting and exciting opportunities. To bring their profits again, Microsoft decided to come up with as search engine by the name Bing which was set to compete with Google’s search engine (Bailey, 1). Microsoft claims that the company has started showing a profit after spending billions of dollars to develop Bing. Some of the growth with the profit margin can be credited to Windows 10, which was created to encourage more use of Bing.

The company has released some of the products such as Word and Excel for smartphones and tablets for free. Microsoft intends to make money by charging customers who choose to use the extra features in the programs, especially for business users. The turnaround and changes that have been made will take some time to materialize, but the changes have been made to ensure that Microsoft will not go into the gutter anytime soon. In conclusion, Microsoft could be down, but it is not out of the market yet. There will be probably another chapter for Microsoft or maybe the new technology that will overpower the smartphone era. Microsoft has witnessed and identified the importance of moving with time and that if new technology comes up, the will be able to embrace and accommodate it efficiently.

In conclusion, the main aim of this paper is to discuss how marginal Microsoft has become in the competitive computer industry and the factors that have contributed to its fall from dominance. Even after Microsoft failed to move with the changing times in technology, it is evident that they are trying to increase their profits so as to claim dominance again.