The Role of the Architect Today

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Architects see the world through eyes different than the rest of the population, being required to maintain not only multiple intelligences in order to create a stable design, but also working to create something from nothing, being required to conceptualize and manipulate dreams, shaping them into a reality for the rest of the world to see. In recent years, society has seen a decrease in architects, and in architects in higher level offices within the U.S., both at the national level and at the municipal levels; though the reasons for this may not be readily apparent, with simple analysis it is possible to see the reason for such a shift.

The fact of the matter is that architects are not seen, on the grand scale of things, to be as important as they once were. Architects are responsible for creating some of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing buildings within the world, and yet in light of the recent issues with the U.S. economy, and due to the fact that, though slowly recovering, the economy is not yet in a place to sustain large scale creation, architects are being placed to the side. Architects used to be used to create buildings for the elite, drawing on older world elegance that is no longer a priority in this day and age as individuals and corporations alike are concerned more with survival than expansion.

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Though beauty within the skyline is no longer seen as a necessity, and barely seen as a luxury worth affording, architects still matter within today’s world. Though the world has placed such creationistic abilities on the backburner to address problems within the economy, and though paying the bills has become more of a concern now than it has been since the 1920s. Once we resolve such issues within our society, once again shall we see a proliferation of architects in higher offices, for those who are responsible for filling those positions do not see the creation of such works as a means to address these issues, but until such a time, or until those individuals realize that the repositioning of architects may do more good than less, this is the current state of the world we must move thorugh.

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