Worker Rights and Privacy

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Workers in the US are protected and their rights outlined in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA. It falls under the department of labor and functions to provide rules and standards for safe and efficient workplaces. The body outlines the responsibilities of workers. It also safeguards their rights to privacy, a crucial role in ensuring that workplaces are conducive to work.

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Laws that Govern Privacy at Places of Work
Personal information
Private entities have no right whatsoever to hold personal information, and this can only be held legally by the interim government. This information can just be released with authority from a court order (John, 2009). This release can only be authorized on legal grounds and is regarded private and confidential even to friends and family of the employee.

Camera monitoring
In as much as private companies have the right to install cameras, there are regulations to safeguard the privacy of the employees. The cameras should not be installed in restrooms or locker rooms. Further, the employees have the right to access their camera monitoring with a written acknowledgment of the policy.

Drug and Alcohol Testing
Testing of drugs and alcohol is a legal obligation of a company, but the results of a drug test cannot be released, not even on a statutory authorization basis. However, the company should have a vivid and well-known drug policy to outline how, when and why a test is carried out. Failure to do this results in legal action (Mclntyre, 2011).

Personal searches
Any private entity is entitled to search an employee’s workspace and property. However, body searches must be conducted gently and with dignity to the employee. Brute searches usually lead to legal action against the employer.

Workers can use the privacy rights and privileges to their advantage. To start with, they should feel protected- a critical atmosphere to boost their performance. They should, therefore, have the motivation to produce better results. This can lead to their promotion, an increase in their income, awards as tokens of appreciation, and most importantly, they will gain respect for their exemplary performance not only from the employers but also from fellow employees. The most significant mistake they can do would be taking advantage of the laws to do malicious activities.

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