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There are many ways in which a person with a disorder can be treated. However, different disorders require different treatment methods. Psychotherapy can be used as one method of treating a disorder. In psychotherapy, there are many types of treatment can be used. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one type of psychotherapy. Cognitive therapy focuses on how a person’s thoughts influence their behavior and moods. On the other hand, behavioral therapy focuses on the actions of the individual. Another type of treatment for disorders is Assertive community Treatment. It is a model that provides comprehensive, individualized care at the community level. It helps to provide patients suffering from various disorders with treatments, support services and rehabilitative care in order to improve their ability to live independently. Pharmacotherapy is another type of treatment that can be used to treat people with disorders. It involves using a variety of medications to decrease or eliminate the severity of psychological disorder symptoms. This is to enable the patient to have an improved functioning and quality of life.

There are strengths when using these treatment methods. A patient may not like living in a community symptoms. The reasons may be varied. For example, an individual whose family is well off or rather they are rich will find the facilities in a community center not to be up to standards. It is hard to convince such a person to go into such a place to get treatment or mental support. Another limitation is family. A family of a patient with a certain disorder may not like the publicity that may be generated when the society realizes that one of their relatives suffers from a certain disorder. It is very common to find families hiding their loved ones from the society while it is a not a thing that a person should be ashamed. In using psychotherapy, female gender is more willing to participate than their male counterparts. This makes it a challenge to handle the male who most hide some of their feelings, such as being hurt and sad. People from the black community talk less and use gestures mostly. They also read gestures easily than the white people. All these are consideration that should be taken when treating a patient.

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Eclectic approach to treatment is a treatment for disorders that incorporates techniques or principals from various systems of theories. These systems of theories may include individual, biomedical and group therapy. The system recognizes the limitation and strengths of various therapies and tailors it to the need of the patient receiving treatment. Distinctive to other treatment methods available, eclectic has its advantages and disadvantages. Although there are a number of disadvantages to using eclectic approach in treating of disorders, it seems to be the most appropriate and integrative approach which is effective in reducing symptoms of disorders.

One of the benefits of using the eclectic approach is that it is the most effective in reducing relapse rates. Relapse rates are when a patient starts to show symptoms of the disorder which had been initially considered symptom free. The patient may have been treated earlier and the doctors prescribed that he or she is okay. The eclectic approach aims at compensating for this significant relapse rates. Patients who have been given drugs only do not learn the skills to cope with depressions while patients treated by the means of a cognitive therapy learn these skills. Another advantage is a patient is more compliant with the doctor’s instructions or his or her compliance increases. Research has shown that patients do not comply with doctors instructions which hinder the ability of the patient to get better. After the patient undergoes psychotherapy, compliance with the doctor’s instructions increases. Overall effectiveness of the treatment increases when eclectic approach is used.

As seen by the advantages of using eclectic approach, using one treatment over a combination of treatment is not effective in treating disorders. O understand the problem of the patient better and treat him, various methods should be combined. Eclectic approach provides a base where the various treatments can be used. It combines the advantages in order to minimize their limitations. However, the effectiveness of this approach depends on the flexibility of the doctor and his or her ability to suite the best treatment for the patient..

Bulimia nervosa is a disorder which is characterized by the urge to over eat which is followed by self-induced purging of the food after the overeating period. The purging is psychologically driven by the fear of gaining weight. The cause of Bulimia nervosa is as a result of a combination of factors which include societal pressure and genetics. Guisinger suggest that food scarcity may have been the original catalyst for the cause of /Bulimia. He suggests that after losing fifteen percent of the normal body weight, anorexia kicks in for genetically susceptible people. For the modern cases, intentional dieting as a result of the fear of being labeled fat is the main cause. Most people suffering from Bulimia, approximately 80% have a history of anorexia. Advertisement in the media is another cause of Bulimia in modern cases. Adverts run girls who are slim and for the girl to be fit as them, at times they purge after what they consider “overeating”.

Possible treatments for Bulimia include biomedical treatment. The common biomedical treatment only targets the alleviation of the symptoms often associated with Bulimia. Fluoxetine is a drug currently in the market that is exclusively thought to be a treatment for Bulimia. This drug alleviates symptoms such as anxiety, depression and obsession-compulsion. It helps stop the potential of a person purging food after eating. Another treatment is individual centric treatment. The treatment is therapeutic treatment that alleviates the symptoms of Bulimia. However, it does nothing about the root cause of the disorder. The therapy involves a nutritional plan imparted on the person who is prone to overeating and purging. Group centric treatment is another treatment for Bulimia. It involves sessions a group of psychotherapy. The most commonly used group centric treatment in psychotherapy is cognitive behavioral therapy. It comes in three phases which help the individual overcome purging of food. Current technology is trying to come up with an effective treatment that will be used for treating Bulimia.